Monday, March 17, 2014

Sponsored Review - Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel

Hada Labo launches the NEW 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel 
for fair, bright and bouncy skin! Fast absorbing and non-oily in texture,
 this whitening gel boosts 3-in-1 skincare product benefits of 
Essence + Moisturiser + Paper Mask!

Hada Labo 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel 
contains 3 trinity efficacious ingredients that penetrate within 
and work onthe skin synergistically:

Natural Arbutin: 
High concentration levels at 3% of Japanese
 pharmaceutical-level Arbutin to offer effective whitening
results. Enhances skin fairness and targets dark spots.