Monday, November 30, 2015


Hiya all ! today i wanna talk about

i am a big lover of cotton on as their clothing
its very comfortable and super casual and stylish
i also use their t shirt as sleepwear !!

not only they carry nice printed tee
sport wear , comfortable short and 
not forgetting bra , bikini and panties

i found some of their nice clothing 
and want to share with everyone !

lets take a look 


Knot Back Tank
white color is so nice , just clean and fresh feeling 
the front look maybe simple like a normal tank top 
yet when it come to the back , something unique

black color t back tank

back is sexy don't you think so? 
come in white color  too ! 

Gym Tee

i like this very much
 because when i go for workout
sometimes i do wear like this too
 its just simple and causal

Printed Tee

normally i bought alot of printed tee
because its very comfortable , i will wear it 
for workout or as sleepwear , best part is
the sleeve length is the perfect length i like  
come in many design too!

embroidery lace longline

well for me i don't own this type nor i will use it
however i find it very interesting and maybe some
of you out there love this , if you do ... 
just check it out !


i really love T back design 
 this sport bra is very stylish
i wish to own 1 someday !

same goes for this 
something similiar yet different 

i like white as it's refreshing
  especially when doing workout 
and it has nice cutting , good for jogging

this two-tone training t-shirt 
simple yet unique , it's very stylish 
it also has some nice cutting on it 


this bottom wear is suitable for jogging use , 
it look abit grey to me which is not so dull . 
nice to match with any color top , 
side edge with abit high cut design


another simple bottom 
this design slightly more cool
i not sure why but it's just nice to me :D

pace capri

i own one of this like it very much
 because of the zip pocket normally
 i'll just keep the door key in it

actually so much more to share
you should really just take a look
you will find something you like !

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