Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Have You Tried Food From Char Grill Bar?

On 25th June bf's went for his company D&D
i slept after he went out at 5pm to 10pm -.-

bf's grandma asked me to eat dinner they cooked
and i was like thinking how to reject her ( err... ) as
i already planned to get dinner from my fav.outlet
Gonna share my fav. food from 
Char Grill Bar - Jurong West Ave 1 Outlet Blk 491 

Mexican Grilled Chicken

Cold Sides - Cheese Pasta
Hot Sides - Mashed Potato

Cost : SGD $6.50

The chicken is very tender
and look at the cheese sauce ! <3

i 'm always thinking of eating this
whenever i at bf's home haha

seriously i prefer char grill bar than astons
it taste much much more better so you should
try if you haven't do so but i'm not sure if 
other outlet food is as delicious as this outlet

here a picture of my bf's pet taken that morning

 Spotty Sleeping 

so cute <3

Friday, June 22, 2012

Food Review - Baja Fresh

i think i'm having bad luck seriously
my finger bleed yesterday night when
 i unlock the foldable laptop table

today i found out that i lost shop key
while i walking toward workplace 

i called bf to check if i left it in his home
but no it's not there so i called my boss

while waiting for my boss to come i went
to have my breakfast and bf called me

was talking half way
 as i wanna keep my changes
so i told him to hold on, guess what?
 i dropped my handphone

seriously wtf... 

even my hp battery fall out from phone
this is the 2nd time already! luckily no damage ..
Samsung Galaxy S2  <3

 i went to taxi stand and
 waited for my boss to come
so sorry to him that i caused trouble for him :(

 photo footer.png

bf came my workplace yesterday night

when he went to buy dinner
 i notice shop signboard light 
was blinking non-stop, a bad feeling
 after i notice it , no wonder i having bad luck

i asked bf to buy food from BAJA FRESH
and seriously it's super bad choice , 
the worst meal i ever had in my life !!

don't be fooled by it's picture like i did

Fajitas Chicken

 i asked bf to buy fajitas chicken for me and 
i regretted making him buy dinner from there

firstly the chicken is white and small nothing like
the picture of it's golden brown look at all

cost $25 plus for both Fajitas & Burritos 


bf comments that the burritos veggie is fresh

hmm yea fresh, if you want something fresh
you can get it at cold storage at lower price!

if you like veggi and such 
i guess this is the place for you to dine 

wasted my money as i only ate few bites of it
and throw everything away along with bf's burritos
just ... not my day ! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random - Running Man EP 96

was watching running man ep 96
with bf yesterday night and seriously
that EP made me laugh like mad !

let me share a video from youtube
it's part 2 and so it skipped the part they
drinking their special "potion"  power

it will make you laugh even though
 you are not running man fans :D

full video can be found in youtube 
or visit Kshownow for other EP too

i love running man lots! 

by the way 

bf bought this, it's a hand phone stand

 Such a cute piggy!

 ** oink oink **

i like it's cute tail ! 

thank you <3

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Random Update / Movie Review - Promethus

8th June 

i took my off in lieu
was playing League Of Legends ( LOL )
with bf's the night before until 4am 

slept for at least 13hours seriously shiok
i used to sleep 15hours everyday 2 years back 
 now only 7 hours, it's like half was cut off 

 slacked whole day with bf at his home before
going out to kenn's birthday celebration? 

get to know someone new , friendly nice lady 
somehow i think she abit drunk? Haha :X
 photo footer.png 

9th June 

was working until near 9pm
had a shocked when my naughty bf 
jump up infront of the counter 

seriously scared me as i didn't expect him to be here
he came with his colleague , after that they went
to get movie tickets - PROMETHUS


nice & interesting movie
some part quite funny 

especially last part but no
not gonna update what happened
as it won't be funny if i typed it here

so just watch it yourself! 
 photo footer.png 

 11th June 

meet up my kuku sista -
Yvonne & Stella + her kids & cousin

it's been many months since i last met up with them 
i understand that all of us not as close as before

 precious doesn't wanna talk to us
meimei cherris also ignored us  -.-"
only treasure play with us

 everyone gotta go after the dinner although
only 1 hour plus,  its still good to see them :)
 photo footer.png
by the way , my mum so cute!
she gave me kinder joy LOL :X

 went to find bf after their basketball game
9 stop away only , the bus only took 11 mins
 travel time to reach and ha here the kitty i wanted to see

she looking at her own tail via the mirror !


this is when she was about to attack bf's arm :D

Lastly hope to see her again !

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Movie MIB 3 Review / Beppu Menkan Food Review

4th june went to watch MIB 3
with bf at Tiong Bahru Plaza

the movie is awesome! we both liked it lots
it's really funny & touching at the end of the movie

 abit too late to say this but still
 it's a must watch for everyone :D

by the way you must be thinking why
we watch movie at plaza instead of town area
actually it's because of this Japanese Noodle House


 Curry Katsu Ramen  

BEPPU MEKAN @ Tiong Bahru Plaza #02-16/17

Beppu Menkan is well known for it's spicyness
but both of us ordered with no chilli at all

well nothing much to choose but the food
quite nice to us actually this is around
the 4th times we went within 2 years :S

we don't go there so often as Tiong Bahru Plaza 
got nothing to shop at all !! unless we wanna watch
movie & thinking of the ramen else we won't go there haha


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Food From Dhoby Ghuat Area

For the past week, every morning if i'm working
my breakfast will be from Yakun as they have 1
outlet just below in the same building haha

 Set F 

Cost : $4.50
which includes 2 half boiled egg  
tea / coffee and 2 slices of toast

i like to put alot of pepper with abit of light soya sauce   

 2 slices of kaya peanut toast bread 
after cutting it become 4 portion 
  photo footer.png

Cost: $4
 located at Kopitiam  
between Hotel Rendezvous & Bra Basah Mrt 

i eat this shredded chicken macaroni for lunch
the soup is super nice , it's a must try !

  photo footer.png

Cost: $5

 Cold Storage @ POMO

Includes 1 packet of cut fruits
1 creamy soda drinks and 1 wrapped with choice

my choice was teriyaki chicken with mayo 
it looks nice but taste alright but it's like... 
you will get sick of it after few bites 

 photo footer.png
actually i do eat other food like sushi from the same 
cold storage or thai beef hor fan from the same kopitiam
but it's expensive like $5 so i only eat that once awhile

  for fruits stall, plaza singapura level 6 foodcourt
 price is more cheaper than other fruits stall too

anyway my next post will update
the movie day out with bf