Sunday, September 30, 2012

Just.. Not My Day

28 Sep slept half way
my nose hurt alot i went to the
washroom and look at my nose
it was swollen , numb

i went back to sleep because
too tired to bother it

when i wake up in the morning
my right face swollen too
numb , itchy and pain

went to see doctor
was told it was bug bite
i am very " suay "  
 it attacked my face :(

 cream to apply for my swollen face

anyway bf said it was sandfly
as he had it on his shoulder too

cooked my own brunch again
was alone after seeing the doctor

this time i bake the potato instead
as bf said my previous version looks
kinda oily ( it's olive oil so it's healthy ! )

i ate Tori Q bento yesterday
love the chicken Ball alot
will update that again :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happiest Moment Of My Day

When it's my working day
i always look forward to break time

Mr Bean's HOT Soya Bean Milk

 my work place is really cold
hot soya bean milk won't turn cold fast 
and it's taste much much nicer den 
those warm or cold soya bean milk

it's my happiest moment while working
super random post but i like :D

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Update

Saturday night after work i went home
ate dinner that my mum cooked ,
home food is still the best

after i took my shower 
went fairprice with mum & dad
we chatted all the way to there
bought some stuff and we went
mcdonald's to relax awhile

i had sundae hot fudge while
my mum & dad had coffee / drinks
it's always good to be with them 

sunday went takashimaya with my brother
bought mooncake for my family 
and before we go home, went to 
upper thomson to buy dim sum 
luckily there's bus straight to our home

monday i was all alone at bf home
rearrange my belonging and cooked my
own brunch , so delicious hahaha
i love egg & potato very much

i should have cook corn soup too
it will be so much perfect meal :P

anyway watched some show 
 bf came home right after
i finished my meal :D

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sick for the past few day

was down with flu and sore throat on sat
till now i'm still having flu although 
my throat is no longer in pain .. 

been thinking alot this few days
 i really should plan for future
 i really need a higher pay job 
 on the other hand i'm quite worry
family matter is one of the main 

i seriously think my mum is dumb
 i really do love her, but thing she do
is not right at all, she only thinks for her sibling
does she care for our feeling??

i am angry with her , she was the one
who pushed me work under a company
that under paid me , made me OT at home
harassed me after work hour at 3am
and even on my offday 

i was young then , it's was my first job
 what is the average salary out there
i have no idea at all that i'm being conned

money is indeed important 
in order to built a future home 

looking back if i never work in that company
i will have more money in my cpf 
and at least some saving 

i won't be so stress now
i can't even do things i want 
seriously .. disappointed  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

happy 29mth

it's 12th of the month again!
we have been together for 29th month!
happy 29mth to us <3

yesterday night i can't sleep well
i don't know why but my stomach hurt alot
that i can't really sleep until 4am 

this morning i still feel the pain 
so i went to see doctor alone 

after that i went back to work place
to bring my laptop back

i went bugis to have my brunch 
and i bought famous amos
bf and me love that cookies

doctor remind me not to take milk
and i wonder is it ok to drink soya milk
since i drinking alot soya milk nowdays 

gonna go rest for awhile
bf will only be home at night

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

happy birthday :D

yesterday was bf's birthday
 i feel kinda bad that i should have
buy him a cake even though he don't 
want to celebrate his birthday 
 next time bf gonna be so busy 
that we might don't have the chance
to go out together for a meal or catch a movie

 i can't buy him a cake now since i'm 
working till late maybe i only can make it up 
with chocolate or chips and thats kinda bad   -.-"

anyway happy belated birthday <3
wish you best luck and earn more money 
into your pocket  ,  get your dream car too :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Communication is so important

was feeling kind of depress last 2 day
am unhappy with bf for some stuff

seriously i do hate myself alot sometimes
i know communication is very important 
but i just can't speak out my unhappiness to him

being cold to bf , partly i was angry at myself
for wanting him know i dislike his action badly
yet i just can't speak out to him about this

can't sleep well and i decided to let him know
at first i thought bf will be very unhappy about it
and was thinking we might have a big quarrel 
as my request was kind of unnecessarily 

but luckily bf just laughed it off

i seriously think that when it come to love
everyone is selfish , or at least for me

i will prevent other girl being too close with my bf
not gonna wait till something bad happen and
realize it is too late , i'm not that kind of nice lady
who willing to share their lover with someone else

my bf is very important to me, 
as much as my family
i can be very nasty so 
don't mess with me about this

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Working On A Bad Sunday

today working at another outlet
went out early in the morning 
and forgot to bring my notebook
so i went back to take

missed a bus anyway i rush all the way
during exchange of train etc

 was quite pissed by a guy who stand beside me
in train earlier on, as he kept bumping on me
although he said sorry and move to my back 
he is still doing so even with his back facing my back

seriously i felt like knocking his back hard
with my elbow but i didn't as i was waiting to alight soon

reached the shop , i had trouble unlocking the lock 
and finally when both is unlocked i can't even pull up
 the roller shutter as it was super heavy

threw my bag n laptop on floor i even squat down
trying way to lift it up luckily the lady next shop
helped me by pulling it up together, thanks so much

messaged my boss that i've reached 
was 3 mins late, all thanks to the roller shutter
but it's was ok since 3 mins was not very late 

overall it's was a bad sunday