Sunday, September 2, 2012

Working On A Bad Sunday

today working at another outlet
went out early in the morning 
and forgot to bring my notebook
so i went back to take

missed a bus anyway i rush all the way
during exchange of train etc

 was quite pissed by a guy who stand beside me
in train earlier on, as he kept bumping on me
although he said sorry and move to my back 
he is still doing so even with his back facing my back

seriously i felt like knocking his back hard
with my elbow but i didn't as i was waiting to alight soon

reached the shop , i had trouble unlocking the lock 
and finally when both is unlocked i can't even pull up
 the roller shutter as it was super heavy

threw my bag n laptop on floor i even squat down
trying way to lift it up luckily the lady next shop
helped me by pulling it up together, thanks so much

messaged my boss that i've reached 
was 3 mins late, all thanks to the roller shutter
but it's was ok since 3 mins was not very late 

overall it's was a bad sunday