Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My hair is finally .. short

sunday i went home as usual
bought bubble tea for myself 
and one for WS my brother

the moment i reached home
grandma said something funny
and she sleep shortly after

when i was about to go back bf's
home at night, i said bye to grandma
and she suddenly call my name and said

" give me money $10 " 

seriously LOL

i don't have so much cash so i gave her $5

on monday
play diablo 3, watch hk drama
with bf until evening , bf said
my hair is all over his bedroom floor

 so i ask him cut my hair since i cant stand
my over damage hair , after the cut i feel
so much fresher as i'm bored with long hair

blur picture
let's see this time it takes how long
to grow long hair again :D

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brown Contact Lens

feeling tired this few days
tomorrow finally off day but
since gonna cut & dye my mum hair
so i gotta go home earlier 

it's August soon

firstly will be my cousin stella birthday
( happy birthday in advance ) 

National Day ,
( i still gotta work on that day )

Mum's Birthday
( working too -.- )

told mum that we will go for dinner
on next sunday 5th Aug to
celebrate her birthday earlier  

think i shall order a cake soon

anyway i shall cut my hair short soon
wonder i should dye it after cut or wait
 for my hair to be healthy again first hmm..

brown contact lens

i shall buy more brown lens 
i think they look nice and natural 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random Post - Lasagne

sunday noon i went home , parent not in
as my brother brought them out so i accompany
 my grandma while waiting for them to come back

anyway i went back to bf's home at night
and bf's niece is seriously funny !  

bf locked the bedroom door after we both
went in and his niece was outside banging 
bf's door hard, somehow it opened after few bang

both of us was quite surprised
while his niece stood there
 lifting her arm up and say

 " STRONG " 

LOLz super cute right?!

by the way, went to hospital yesterday
with bf to visit his grandma , hope she
can discharge and go home soon

after that walk around jcube for awhile
bought chicken ham and cheese for dinner

bf made lasagne again :D 

and my campbell chicken corn soup

yummy, so blessed <3

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Joey Yung

this 2 days was kinda busy at work
need to arrange stock and was kinda shag
finally done! so excited as i can relax now!

i slept like dead this morning didn't know 
my sleeping position so hilarious until bf 
asked me to see the picture he took 

seriously wtf ! 

i always wake up in the same position
from the one i sleep at night, first time
i slept until so ugly!

 gave him a chance to snap that picture
anyway i deleted that awful picture liao
seriously joke sia -.-"  

by the way , i love this song from Joey Yung
最后情人 - Last Lover 

this is chinese version it's much more better
than the cantonese version

  actually most of her song are very nice
and the lyrics are meaningful :D 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baked Pasta

monday bf and me went to market
to buy lasagna ingredients , too bad
we can't find beef and lasagna pasta

in the end , bf cook baked pasta very nice! 
  photo footer.png
what you need is 

pasta of your choice 
meat of your choice
pasta tomato sauce  
oregano leaves
  mozzarella cheese 

pasta boiled it until it cooks
 dried it and set aside
stir-fry meat on pan until mostly cook
add in pasta you cooked earlier and oregano leaves
stir and mix everything evenly

scoop everything out into bake pan or 
metal plate with aluminium foil
 ( like picture above)

add mozzarella cheese on top of it
put into oven bake it and wait for the cheese to melt
 photo footer.png

actually i am very lucky to have a 
bf who cooks for me after work often

not forgetting the food he cooked are delicious
all i can do is wash up everything after that haha!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Food Review - Ayam Panggang

last week i went to search for this

 Riverside Indonesian BBQ
Ayam Panggang

 Cost : below $6
 Plaza Singapura Kopitiam food court 

313 @ Somerset Level B3

 photo footer.png
the chicken is very juicy
the chicken is cover with black sauce

the curry sauce is those laksa type
reminds me of katong laksa !

the egg and chilli is nice
so overall it's good

but i prefer Ayam Penyet 
you should try both out :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

my grandma

i opened my eyes
 and i saw grandma
she is talking to me and
i'm so happy that she can walks too

she does not need my mum to feed her eat 
change her diaper, everything was 
back to before she had stroke attacks
 when i looked at the clock , i got a shocked
it's already 2pm and i asked my mum why 
she never wake me up as i am super late for work

i was so anxious about how to inform my boss
and i looked at the clock again it was 10am
i'm at my bf home and there's no grandma 
mum and family, it's was just a dream....

i think everyone have this kind of experience before
dream in dream, do you get what i mean?

in reality , the actual time i wake up was
8.20am , not 10am... thats was also a dream 
but everything feels so real ..

 Seriously i miss you, grandma
when will you be sober again?
its breaks my heart every time when i talk to you
 all you do is looked at me and call my name
you have so much in mind but it can never reach us

back to sleep after i went to washroom
it was raining heavily and i pray that there's no more
rain when i get out of the house for work at later time 

bus was kind of delayed and traffic was abit slow
luckily the rain stopped when i reached my workplace
as it's hard to walk in spoiled sandals :D
PS: nobody will understand how grandma 
means to my family, she the one raised us
while my parents was working hard to earn money

she brought us everywhere she goes
it's not a easy task as the four of us are super naughty
( my 2 elder brother , me and my little cousin )

the best memories was she brought us
 to mcdonalds buy us meal , wait for us to have our fun

no matter how many more years she left now
she always in my heart & mind forever
i love you grandma

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

my hair is not growing

my hairstyle is forever the same
i never really had short hair , only once
when i was sec 2 i cut my long hair
 to above shoulder length , it suck

 i don't think i can carry short - mid length hair 
it look weird! i think because of my broad shoulder 

as everyone know my hair was bleached lots of time
from roots to end so it's actually very damaged and dried

Last Nov

and bf doesn't like my bright hair 
so i dyed it dark ash matt and trimmed the ends



as you can see from this picture
my roots is black so it does grow 

but it's always the same length as i never cut 
away those damaged hair so it kept on split and
 broke my hair , thats why it seem like not growing

i am thinking of cutting it away like maybe
to shoulder length and regrow healthy hair 
as it's really hard to manage my hair now

it's thick, dried and curly ( natural ) 
and i have to rebond my roots again 
after i cut my hair to save me from 
flat ironing it straight everyday

 i shall make sure bf cut my hair !
 getting sick of this hairstyle too