Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baked Pasta

monday bf and me went to market
to buy lasagna ingredients , too bad
we can't find beef and lasagna pasta

in the end , bf cook baked pasta very nice! 
  photo footer.png
what you need is 

pasta of your choice 
meat of your choice
pasta tomato sauce  
oregano leaves
  mozzarella cheese 

pasta boiled it until it cooks
 dried it and set aside
stir-fry meat on pan until mostly cook
add in pasta you cooked earlier and oregano leaves
stir and mix everything evenly

scoop everything out into bake pan or 
metal plate with aluminium foil
 ( like picture above)

add mozzarella cheese on top of it
put into oven bake it and wait for the cheese to melt
 photo footer.png

actually i am very lucky to have a 
bf who cooks for me after work often

not forgetting the food he cooked are delicious
all i can do is wash up everything after that haha!