Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My hair is finally .. short

sunday i went home as usual
bought bubble tea for myself 
and one for WS my brother

the moment i reached home
grandma said something funny
and she sleep shortly after

when i was about to go back bf's
home at night, i said bye to grandma
and she suddenly call my name and said

" give me money $10 " 

seriously LOL

i don't have so much cash so i gave her $5

on monday
play diablo 3, watch hk drama
with bf until evening , bf said
my hair is all over his bedroom floor

 so i ask him cut my hair since i cant stand
my over damage hair , after the cut i feel
so much fresher as i'm bored with long hair

blur picture
let's see this time it takes how long
to grow long hair again :D