Sunday, July 1, 2012

Food Review - Ayam Penyet

Yesterday i was kind of hungry
ate my first meal at 4.30pm

looking at the menu for some quite time
in the end i bought Ayam Penyet

Cost: $5.80
Plaza Singapura
Indonesian Street Food Stall
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The chicken is crispy outside
 the meat is tender and soft

chilli is abit spicy but very nice
the rice came with black sauce
which is abit sweet & spicy
and also a small bowl of soup

ps: you have to ask for black sauce
if they never give you with the rice 
it's wont taste nice without black sauce

While waiting for my food
the guy infront of me ask me
if i have tried Ayam Penyet before

i replied no and he told me
it's very spicy ,  but super nice

i agree on this , it's spicy yet nice
 i'll go for this Ayam Penyet again !