Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Palmer's White & Even Range

it not easy to be maintain fair skins 
 it's hard to archive having a flawless skins

Discoloration or hyper pigmentation can be caused by
 many factors most common is damage caused from 
UV exposure becoming worse with age. 

Other factors can be  acne scarring,  severe dryness,
  hormonal changes from pregnancy, birth control pills, 
or hormone replacement therapy  

 but don't have to worry now !

Retail Price : $29.90

it's lightweight non-sticky with a delightful floral scent
  absorbs very quickly, you can see on the last picture
for the sheer veil shimmer finishing 

 whats in this product?

look below !


Friday, June 5, 2015


this post was delayed for many month 
yes it's throwback of last year bkk trip

if you missed that part you can check the 
previous throwback of bkk trip day 1 & day 2

today i will only update day 3,  there is another part 
which i will try to update again when i free !


my day 3 in bkk was the most relax during the whole trip
after getting up i was all ready to go out again however
our friend were still not ready so i took some picture around

the view outside my hotel room window 

i'm in a happy mood that day

we cabbed to MBK mall and start to search for brunch
anyway i didnt took any picture of bf's meal
since i was really hungry that day

the portion is quite big and i shared some with my bf

coconut drink is a must - advised by friend :D

the staff there is so helpful as i purchased 2 coconut drinks
the staff helped me bring over to our table since it's heavy!

after that we explore MBS awhile and nearby mall 
we went this cafe and relax and i guess we were having
lot of chocolate drink for this bkk trip 



 it's very peaceful day and looking out of the window
it start raining after that and you can see the mall staff were
putting up the shelter walkway for shopper , very nice service

near evening time we went Asiatique - The Riverfront
very beautiful place however did not managed to take many picture
the clothing i bought from there is also very comfortable ~~~

nice shopping area 

 Ferris Wheel 

bf and i walked our own while the couple were taking ferris wheel
not sure how long it takes we waited there for them to come down
there were quite many crowds at that area

 getting cotton candy  , so much cheaper compared to singapore

 very beautiful place for having nice meal

this 2 dog very cute ! belong to the store owner

we went to this bistro called happy fish
the food is so delicious however abit pricy 


shared this beef steak with my bf so yummy !

 basically  we were always eating
just like when we return to hotel

we went to 7-11 as usual to get some cup noodle
and microwave food below is what we bought !

 don't look down on this food
they are so nice and cheap
missing everything there ~

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Herschel bags for women

Bag is everyone best friend !
i have many bag for different use

if you are someone same
 like me who are more of
" the girl next door type " 
don't miss out this post!

today i going to recommend you
 some stylish bag , let take a look !

very simple design nowdays it's a trend for using backpack
herschel brand bag is so unisex not matter you're guy or 
girl you can also use it as couple bag ! 


the inner is in red and white 

well this combination give a very fresh feel
i felt that it can brighten up everyone's day

this series come in different color too

 this description say it all
this is the American style

well i think this is really cool since look like
can fit many thing into it !

here goes the red and white again!
this series come in many pattern and color 
i like the top 2 from the left ! how about you?