Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Random Post

Yesterday morning after breakfast
while bf and i  preparing to go out

 we were talking about some old stuffs
 i told him i dislike it that in the past
there was once he went out to drinks
with his bandmates without letting me know
he only informed me near 3 hours later
 after i texted him , so i was kinda angry at that time
even though i didn't tell him

it's not like i angry because he went out
with bandmates it's because if i didn't
text him, he not gonna tell me he went pub?
morever there are other girls, yes they're
bandmate's friend but however he should
still inform me, basic respect right?
i don't think he will be happy too
if i were the one who went out with friends
late night for drinks without letting him know
 and there are other guys friends along
( uh no we didn't quarrel
 we talked in some funny way :P )

anyway i went home after that
to return the survey books 
dad came home shortly after his work
chatted with them abit and i went to 
somerset to meet bf after that at 4pm
we split way with his friends 
bf said he wanna walk around
 it's was raining heavily at that time
we went orchard central roof garden
its was 12 level high , kinda scary to me 
at that moment the rain stopped
after we went down we walked to
 Plaza Singapura, Peace Centre,
 Bra Basah Complex and Excelsior Shopping Centre 
to look for his new bass strings
reached bf's home at 8 plus pm 
took a shower and cooked my own dinner
after awhile took half hour nap before watching
walking dead season 3 episode 3 with bf at 2am

it's was a super long day

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Food Review - Nyonya Snacks

saw this from Indo Asia Delights stall
Kueh Dadar

 Coconuts filling

very soft and the coconut is really sweet

Ondeh Ondeh 
( Palm Sugar Filling )

made with Glutinous Rice Flour,
Pandan,  Grated Fresh Coconut 
i love the palm sugar so much 

Novena Square 2
Basement 1 
Indo Asian Delights

Kueh Dadar  -   3 for $2
Ondeh Ondeh  -  5 for $2 

 they still have other Nyonya Snacks
should check it out next time

actually i find it nowdays quite hard
to find nyonya snacks at neighborhood
 coffee shop , foodcourt or hawker centre

2 years back, grandma always buy this
Nyonya Snacks - Kueh Dadar & Ondeh Ondeh
for me while i still sleeping 
so whenever i see this Nyonya Snacks
it reminds me of grandma ... alots

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Random Post

wanted to update but too tired to do so
not enough sleep this few days -.-

yesterday evening went bugis
 with bf to buy Agarwood incense
 i bought a packet for my family too

ate dinner there vegetarian chicken rice
and around midnight we're hungry again

bf baked pasta with tomato sauce  
although plain but still very nice

 i want to post this,
 that day i took bus to work
its the first time from clementi 
all the way to orchard the bus is empty
as everyone went upper deck 

i took some picture of the bus 

 first time so peaceful
enjoyable quiet ride

  took a picture of myself to remind
me of this very moment haha :S

by the way have i blogged this?
the ear dust cap bf bought from Gmarket

i lost the rabbit the very first day i brought out
super upset .. it is so cute :3


anyway i think i will be super tired again
you know i am not a morning person

and i have to go other outlet work
2 days every weeks as one of my boss is oversea
which is 11am - 9pm thats means i gotta
wake up at 8.15am to prepare -.-"

you must be thinking 8.15am its not early
everyone is waking up earlier right?

i slept at 2 plus am or even 3am
because when i reached bf home

i eat dinner , shower i have to wait
my hair to dry without using dryer

 when everything finally done 
it's is already that late :S

 worst thing is that friday & sat i have to
work until 10pm at the outlet i always stationed :(

i gotta go home this coming sat after work
so i can spend more time with my parent
gotta help them cut / dye hair on sunday

hope to have time and update soon again  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gardens By The Bay

Last sunday before i went to bf's house
he wadsapp me that he going to marina bay
for some work related stuff and asked 
if i wanna go with him 

so i met up with him at promenade station
as i was at ang mo kio , i should change 
circle line at dhoby ghaut instead of bishan

it should be abit faster right?
anyway i was 3mins late and he's
about 15mins earlier ( happy waiting ) :X

 the bus i took to bf's home after work
always pass by here but it's our first time
standing there , it's really beautiful scene

Gardens By The Bay

the spot we standing is really awesome
especially when you look up at those light

it's doesn't look like singapore at all
more like final fantasy scene haha :D


i didn't take many picture as i was enjoying 
bf's got more nice picture but i not going to
post them here , you should really go take a look

website below for those who is interested 

Gardens By The Bay Website 

if only grandma was healthy like before
would like to bring her there so much :(

anyway after that we went home
 bf cooked pasta , seriously nice <3

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Create Talents & I Model International

i did a post on this before however i can't find it
weird! nevermind i shall repost this

have you ever been approached by 
those so called " talent scout " at town area?
actually i have been approached by
create talents like thrice or even more

first time was at jurong point
while waiting for bf after his reservist

second time and third at bugis 
 they called me but no i didn't went down

 the office is like so near to my work place
i always walked pass their office 
to buy my lunch and mr bean's soya milk

i went plaza singapura just now  
as usual , sudden a lady stop me 
gave me namecard and take my name down

I model international 
did a research and what i found out 
from other website review

it was under same company as create talents 
true or not ? anyway not that interested
i know how it works, not gonna fall for it

Just a reminder
 other girls / boys out there , beware
not all people gonna get a assignment
you need to let them take portfolio  
which will cost you alot 

even if they ask you go for audition
no one confirm you will get the job
it's all depend on the company
who invites you to audition

for myself, i won't fork a single cent
to take portfolio for modeling
unless is for my wedding in future :X

anyway while i walk back to work
got one auntie kept calling me
and you know what ?? 

she asked me to give her $1.10
as she want to take bus ..
seriously what she thinking ?
i rather top $0.30 to buy mr bean soya milk

not trying to be mean here
i work to earn money for my family
and myself , the auntie is in healthy form
if she needs money, then go work and earn

i will only give money to those old needy 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Seriously Stress !

i do envy people out there
they have their dreams and passion
while i have nothing and i'm always lost

i have no idea which path to go

i always wonder what we living for?
you work for money, because you need them
to buy your dream branded bag, house , car etc

 for me, i don't care what branded bag
as long as it can put my stuff

i don't need fashion clothing
as long it cover me well
 comfortable & warm

i don't care how big is the house
as long is a place i call " home "
where i have family around

in order to have all that , 
i still need money 

the money we earn in singapore
may look alot to other country

but you know how pathetic it was
if you live in singapore  

everything here is so expensive
you will left with nothing but a huge debt 

the rich is richer everyday 
while the poor is poorer
this few days i kept having nightmare
i can't sleep well, thinking about the same
questions over and over again 

after so much troublesome thought 
finally i can relax abit and forget it

i realized i am not alone 
but i don't have anyone to talk to

all i do is bomb my bro's wadsapp
he must be thinking " not again "

poor him, have to see my msg 
every morning and night :S

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Crispy Nutella

went bugis street with bf last week plus
was walking around looking for 
his new samsung galaxy 3 casing 

saw this stall selling crepes 
ordered choco nana 

very crispy
we didn't take the picture  

if you like , you can goggle
for Ned's Crepes & Coffee

anyway my main point is
i suggest that we can toast bread
 put nutella & banana
it will be nice haha 

( i really did tried )

bf cooked his own version 

 only with nutella but still very nice
taste like the crepe at bugis :)

everyone should just cook their own version 
 instead of buying, more fun and cheap !!!

Food Review - TORI Q

Here my review on TORI Q

Chicken Ball Price : $1.40 x 2
Quail Egg Price : $1.20
Mini Hash Potato : $0.80
Rice: $0.90 ( if you bought 4 stick )

so above it cost me $5.70
actually it's quite expensive

The chicken ball is super delicious
 tender soft and juicy worth it

Quail Egg is quite expensive to me
but it taste nice too

as for the mini hash potato 
doesn't worth it 

i tried their normal chicken stick
it does not taste as nice as the chicken ball

anyway the rice is alot!
i suggest you to share the bento
with your friends :)