Friday, October 12, 2012

Seriously Stress !

i do envy people out there
they have their dreams and passion
while i have nothing and i'm always lost

i have no idea which path to go

i always wonder what we living for?
you work for money, because you need them
to buy your dream branded bag, house , car etc

 for me, i don't care what branded bag
as long as it can put my stuff

i don't need fashion clothing
as long it cover me well
 comfortable & warm

i don't care how big is the house
as long is a place i call " home "
where i have family around

in order to have all that , 
i still need money 

the money we earn in singapore
may look alot to other country

but you know how pathetic it was
if you live in singapore  

everything here is so expensive
you will left with nothing but a huge debt 

the rich is richer everyday 
while the poor is poorer
this few days i kept having nightmare
i can't sleep well, thinking about the same
questions over and over again 

after so much troublesome thought 
finally i can relax abit and forget it

i realized i am not alone 
but i don't have anyone to talk to

all i do is bomb my bro's wadsapp
he must be thinking " not again "

poor him, have to see my msg 
every morning and night :S