Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Random Post

wanted to update but too tired to do so
not enough sleep this few days -.-

yesterday evening went bugis
 with bf to buy Agarwood incense
 i bought a packet for my family too

ate dinner there vegetarian chicken rice
and around midnight we're hungry again

bf baked pasta with tomato sauce  
although plain but still very nice

 i want to post this,
 that day i took bus to work
its the first time from clementi 
all the way to orchard the bus is empty
as everyone went upper deck 

i took some picture of the bus 

 first time so peaceful
enjoyable quiet ride

  took a picture of myself to remind
me of this very moment haha :S

by the way have i blogged this?
the ear dust cap bf bought from Gmarket

i lost the rabbit the very first day i brought out
super upset .. it is so cute :3


anyway i think i will be super tired again
you know i am not a morning person

and i have to go other outlet work
2 days every weeks as one of my boss is oversea
which is 11am - 9pm thats means i gotta
wake up at 8.15am to prepare -.-"

you must be thinking 8.15am its not early
everyone is waking up earlier right?

i slept at 2 plus am or even 3am
because when i reached bf home

i eat dinner , shower i have to wait
my hair to dry without using dryer

 when everything finally done 
it's is already that late :S

 worst thing is that friday & sat i have to
work until 10pm at the outlet i always stationed :(

i gotta go home this coming sat after work
so i can spend more time with my parent
gotta help them cut / dye hair on sunday

hope to have time and update soon again