Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Random Post

Yesterday morning after breakfast
while bf and i  preparing to go out

 we were talking about some old stuffs
 i told him i dislike it that in the past
there was once he went out to drinks
with his bandmates without letting me know
he only informed me near 3 hours later
 after i texted him , so i was kinda angry at that time
even though i didn't tell him

it's not like i angry because he went out
with bandmates it's because if i didn't
text him, he not gonna tell me he went pub?
morever there are other girls, yes they're
bandmate's friend but however he should
still inform me, basic respect right?
i don't think he will be happy too
if i were the one who went out with friends
late night for drinks without letting him know
 and there are other guys friends along
( uh no we didn't quarrel
 we talked in some funny way :P )

anyway i went home after that
to return the survey books 
dad came home shortly after his work
chatted with them abit and i went to 
somerset to meet bf after that at 4pm
we split way with his friends 
bf said he wanna walk around
 it's was raining heavily at that time
we went orchard central roof garden
its was 12 level high , kinda scary to me 
at that moment the rain stopped
after we went down we walked to
 Plaza Singapura, Peace Centre,
 Bra Basah Complex and Excelsior Shopping Centre 
to look for his new bass strings
reached bf's home at 8 plus pm 
took a shower and cooked my own dinner
after awhile took half hour nap before watching
walking dead season 3 episode 3 with bf at 2am

it's was a super long day