Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Food Review - Nyonya Snacks

saw this from Indo Asia Delights stall
Kueh Dadar

 Coconuts filling

very soft and the coconut is really sweet

Ondeh Ondeh 
( Palm Sugar Filling )

made with Glutinous Rice Flour,
Pandan,  Grated Fresh Coconut 
i love the palm sugar so much 

Novena Square 2
Basement 1 
Indo Asian Delights

Kueh Dadar  -   3 for $2
Ondeh Ondeh  -  5 for $2 

 they still have other Nyonya Snacks
should check it out next time

actually i find it nowdays quite hard
to find nyonya snacks at neighborhood
 coffee shop , foodcourt or hawker centre

2 years back, grandma always buy this
Nyonya Snacks - Kueh Dadar & Ondeh Ondeh
for me while i still sleeping 
so whenever i see this Nyonya Snacks
it reminds me of grandma ... alots