Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update On Lucky

i have many people asking for Lucky adoption lately
firstly i wanna thank you all for the interests

Lucky is not up for adoption anymore as
my family decided to keep lucky as after he came
back from previous adopter's home there's a 
sudden change in his behavior he is very quiet
and dare not to anyhow pee or poo at home

another reason is we really wanna keep him by ourself
 as we can't stop thinking if adopter treat him well anot
 afterall he's part of our family member <3

 lately i found him losing some patch of fur
on his back which i think caused by stress
anyway i already informed my parent and ask
them to take more notices on lucky 

here a picture of him

 before i went out last 2 week
abit blur as my hand was kind of shaky =D

i hope he get well soon don't stress too much
since we're not going to give him away anymore

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birthday Post Part 2

more interesting picture taken at zoo

actually i don't wanna go into Fragile Forest 
as there are huge butterfly and flying fox !!
i'm afraid of butterfly, dragonfly and all kind of insects 

 here this is how the map look like

Cute Proboscis Monkey

 Flying Fox

 there are alot of huge flying fox and i'm really scared !
 kept asking bf the flying fox will attack us anot LOLx
bf asked me to capture this pair of lovely bird 
kissing among the flying fox, so sweet  :D 

this is what i afraid of! the butterfly or moth followed the girl
and it stopped at her shirt haha! she was kind of scared 
so she stood there waiting for it to go away hehe n i run away!!

Sleepy Jaguar, super cute right?

Meerkat looking at the bird above  

this is the smaller cheetah which we believe is the child

they were actually sleeping when we reached there 
and when it started to rain the cheetah on the left start
walking around and licked its partner super sweet !


by the way , all looked kinda small when they rest 
haha i asked bf why they so small so was quite surprised
look at the picture below 

took this picture with my phone as it have the reflection so
 i edited this picture to show you HOW TALL is the cheetah !
ok thats all for the zoo part . it was really fun!

if you are bored of Singapore , try going to places we won't go so often 
the feeling is really fresh especially you are going with your loves one

anyway we ended the zoo trip at around 4pm
we cabbed down to jurong point for some drinks
 checked the cinema for movies. bf wanted to watch ghost on air

movie starts at 6.50pm and we walked around jurong point 
for hours , seriously leg ached haha the movie was kinda 
disappointing , not scary and it's kind of lame but some part funny

overall ... not worth the money for such movie :X

went to fairprice and bought

Vermont Curry Sauce 

 our fav Japanese curry but we bought hot version 
but still .. it taste sweet and nice !!  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Birthday Post !

21st may was my birthday 
 kinda of excited when bf suggested to go zoo
this is the first time we're going there together as couple :P

on that day morning , its was about to rain so we waited 
awhile thinking we might need to cancel the trip but luckily
 the sun is up there when we went out with our empty stomach

cabbed there from bf's home , i got my ticket for free! 
they have this special treats for birthday boy / girl
regardless of age , as long you bring your IC there
and it must be your actual birthday date

so awesome, the staff is really nice. she reminds me
to redeem free ice cream at the ah meng restaurant 
and also gave me birthday badge which give
 10% discount for retails and f&b 

the first thing we went in was to find
 KFC at rainforest kidzworld!!
took some picture of the animal while finding our way there
was kinda lost hahaha so we redeem the free ice cream first
when we happened to passby there hehehe :)

so sweet !
this picture really LOL 

beautiful white tiger swimming under hot sun

and start walking up around to dry itself i guess

another white tiger relaxing at one spot
beautiful eyez , so perfect !

Finally reached KFC , this was what we both shared

baby goat at kidzworld  , super adorable 
bf played with it , took some picture of them
 i can't upload the picture here as bf will " niam / nag "
but it's was on my facebook album LOLz

i think thats all for today,
 not gonna post all animal picture
only those super cute and rare picture that i liked

very lucky most of the animal was quite active that day
and we had alot of fun ! didn't waste money on bf's tickets =D

here a birthday cake from my parent when i was
home on 20th may , i love my family alots :) 

lastly thank you for all the birthday wishes :D

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Creepy Guy

for the past 9 days
( except my 2 offdays in between so make it 7 days ) 

 this weird so called " uncle " in his 30s +
walking around my workplace  E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y

 he pretend to look at the display items outside the
shop beside my counter after awhile he will start
walking past my counter left and right for at least 8 times

sometimes he stood infront near my counter and look
at my direction , sometimes he pretend to look away
at first i thought he was waiting for people

 BUT i knew something is wrong
 he came everyday doing the same thing
at different timing like anytime
from 3pm to night time =(

i went for my evening break at around 5pm today
and saw him standing outside my counter

so after i locked the roller shutter
i quickly walk away to buy my dinner
he was gone when i went back anyway

the most creepy thing is around 9.45pm
when i was closing shop wanted to go washroom
i saw him again sneaking around outside the shop

i locked roller shutter and went another direction
 to washroom, thinking that he will go away
after i'm done but i was wrong , he stood
right outside the shop ! seriously " WTF "

the shop beside are all closed only fitness 
infront of my counter and bubble tea shop
 at another side which is blind spot from my counter

when i unlock the roller shutter
 he walk and stood somewhere behind me,

 standing there and looked at me even when i
was inside the shop after i pulled the
roller shutter down and finally
he go off after awhile

how creepy is that guy?
it's very irritating to the max

Friday, May 11, 2012

Food Review - Vermont Curry Sauce - Med.Hot Apple Honey

Gonna share this with everyone

got this at Fair Price for about $6 or below
i don't really remember but it's kinda cheap
as there are total 12 cube in the box
you only need 1 cube for each servings 
cook your own chicken, potato and carrot 
add water and the cube, tadah~ everything done 
there are instruction behind the box 
but suggest you to add abit more water
 as it can be quite salty. by the way
it does not taste spicy at all but sweet.

Over all, it's delicious and quite addictive

if you think it's unhealthy, 
use brown rice instead of white rice <3

yummy !

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Laptop

my blog is kinda dead uh.. well

bf bought laptop for me to use at work
super nice of him right <3 
 it's so expensive to me 

  Cloud Strife <3 !

it's ASUS K43S Series
bf helped me to set up everything and 
look at my wallpaper so handsome haha

anyway i'm am using this laptop now
will update my blog more often
i can play facebook game etc 
without any problem during work , shiok!

thank you <3