Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update On Lucky

i have many people asking for Lucky adoption lately
firstly i wanna thank you all for the interests

Lucky is not up for adoption anymore as
my family decided to keep lucky as after he came
back from previous adopter's home there's a 
sudden change in his behavior he is very quiet
and dare not to anyhow pee or poo at home

another reason is we really wanna keep him by ourself
 as we can't stop thinking if adopter treat him well anot
 afterall he's part of our family member <3

 lately i found him losing some patch of fur
on his back which i think caused by stress
anyway i already informed my parent and ask
them to take more notices on lucky 

here a picture of him

 before i went out last 2 week
abit blur as my hand was kind of shaky =D

i hope he get well soon don't stress too much
since we're not going to give him away anymore