Monday, August 3, 2015


it's summer have you doing any workout lately?

recently my sport shoe damaged while on the way to gym
need to get a new pair of it soon so i've been looking around 

was wondering if i should purchase it when i go for holiday
or purchase online since i might be going holiday around oct

i was looking at

i  have no idea what the differences so Google about it

In the Nike Free continuum, the lower the number in a shoe’s name,
 the closer it is to barefoot running.  On the continuum, 10.0 represents
 conventional footwear while zero represents the bare foot.

 i am looking at this pair

 Women Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoes

black it's my favorite color it won't get dirty easily 

the back of the shoes looks comfortable

 this is how the top and bottom look like
it's cool that the bottom have some design like this

This updated version gets down to basics with less layers
 on the upper, creating a lightweight fit, it combine
 the principles of natural motion with cushioning
 that accommodates every running style. 

it also come in many color like below

i like how the bottom have different color
it's quite cute and refreshing bright color 
actually bright color is a good choice too
i felt it make me have mood to go jogging 


another type of the 5.0 version

Designed for everyday natural flexibility,
combines a flexible outsole with the cushioning
and traction that supports the traditional running shoe.
 The result is the perfect balance of comfort and natural movement. 
The bright coloured mesh upper provides great ventilation and supportive fit.

hot pink color ! its really nice 
however i'm a low profile person
more suitable for lady who enjoy some attention
ps: i'm not saying this it's a bad thing  

Best known as Nike's most cushioned natural ride, 
these running shoes offer excellent lightweight cushioning 
and support while enabling a more natural running experience.

blue color is not a bad choice for me
at least its more neutral color , i like this color too
so the first pair of black or this pair of blue ??

for other training use

Great for cardio, strength training and other gym workouts,
 these Nike training shoes boast a lightweight upper that
 gives your foot a locked-down feel and an ultra-flexible
 midsole for quick training movements.

i believe different type of shoe designed for different type of use
so maybe i should start to own 2 different type of shoe
1 for jogging another for gym workout 


 Nike Free 5.0 Fit 5 Breathe Training Shoes 


Crafted specifically to maximize performance, 
 equipped with adaptive fit, which conforms to
 the shape of your foot  to support you as you move. 


the back of the 5 Breathe Training Shoes 

it's really cool that i come to realize not all are the same
i have to consider getting 2 for different use now 
i wonder how many pair do we really need . ha :D

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