Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Food Review - VEGAN BURG

Here a food review of long await


some time back, went to the raffles outlet
it's was raining heavily non stop that day 
as we never been there, we had hard time
 searching that place Golden Shoe Carpark 

in the end we walked a big round
wasted more than half hour
 before we finally reached.. 

at that time bf was already kinda annoyed 
we're kinda surprised as it was such a hidden place
it's hard to notice the store seriously

but don't worry here a details on how to get there fast

Map from Vegan Burg



(Located along Market Street, behind ASC Copy Services)
50 Market Street #01-28D
Golden Shoe Carpark
Singapore 048940

Mon – Fri: 11am – 9:30pm (last order at 9:15pm)
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
Phone: 6534 0386
Fax: 6534 3630


Alight at Raffles Station

Go To Exit B which lead you to
UOB Centre follow the yellow line on map
as above, walk to the end cross the traffic light

turn left and walk staight slowly you will see 
a shop ASC Copy Service 

Vegan Burg is just behind it!

Back to topic

check the website above 
for other outlets and menu information 

i had Cracked Pepper Mayo set
which cost $9.85 


seriously i felt it's expensive
when the cup for drinks are this small 

it cost $1.80 to refill the cup.
 anyway i rather go get a cup of mr bean 
after the meal if i still feel thirsty


the burger & small fries

the fries were small packet only
 was quite disappointed .... 

because i am a potato lover

the burger patty is crispy, very nice 
come with fresh lettuce but i gave it to bf

very worth to try , the size of burger
 is really big !!  well at least for me :P

i am not a vegan nor vegetarian
 it is hard for me to be a vegetarian
as i dislike vegetable but i don't hate
vegetarian food.. some were kinda nice 

so even you are not one of them like me
it's still worth to try Vegan Burg 

especially when i am having diet
 but craving for burger <3

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Soba Is Love!

lately ate alot of soba meal with bf
it's so yummy and best of all
low in calories, contain no fat 
no cholesterol or sugar

best food if you are having diet

 we bought and tried many soba noodles brand
the nicest soba noodles go to this

below $6 

 as for the soba sauce 
bf prefer ready made soba sauce

below $7


while i prefer the soba sauce that bf prepared with


below $10 for this big bottle
 you can get from daiso small bottle $2

it's very affordable actually 
you are supposed to add abit of
seaweed on top of the cooked soba

as for the soba sauce you only need
1/3 of very small bowl and mix with ice water
1 : 1 
just a side note 

kikkoman soba tsuyu 
only last 3 days after opening 
so be sure to finish it !

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pitiful Old People

this morning parent went out early
was told to have bread for breakfast

anyway i went out without breakfast 
as it was raining , i went to buy breakfast 
at the mall before heading to work 

while i was walking underground towards
 the mrt station, i was actually counting the coins 
i have as i want to buy soya drink
 later on the way to my work

suddenly i remember i didn't bring tissues out
 i turned around and saw a old lady on wheel chair
selling tissues just 5 steps behind me so i walked up
to her,  gave her $2 for 3 packets of tissues

just when i was about to go off 
the old lady showed me her right leg  
which got amputated due to diabetes and requested
a cup of soya drink without sugar from me

 actually i was kinda lost at first as i can't remember
 where got sell until she told me there was store at basement

thats was when it reminded me 
 mr bean store outside of ntuc fairprice
i went off to get a warm soya drink for her 

after i came back , she thanked me and kept 
holding my hand while talking to me 
 many people look strangely at me
while they walk pass us

seriously why looked at us like that
 it's not like we doing any wrong things
it's a good deed to help someone out
 even i don't know that person 

i told that old lady i need to rush for work
as it was quite late already luckily i reached 
work place just in time :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Luna Sea Concert & Lunar New Year Day

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!

8 Feb 2013
went Luna Sea concert with bf
our concert tickets got upgraded 

bf helped to sell some tickets off
while i asked around too 

thanks honey x.p for the help too

ate abit before we went out 
when we reached there tried sofries

bf said not nice anyway 

went to get drinks and bought soba

  waited for the rest to come
actually we bought only 3 tickets
me , bf & one of his friend

but due to some reason 
everyone came including bf's mum 
so it was quite special like a gathering 

 quite a enjoyable day

went supper with bf's friends and bf's mum
at the coffeeshop near buona vista mrt
after that took cab to bf's home

New Year Eve
 9 Feb 2013

i reached home at 4.30pm
was raining heavily , 2nd bro & sis in law
already went back anyway thanks for the red packet

ate dinner with my mum
watched ah boys to men with dad
went to sleep at 1am which is so early

New Year Day 1 
10 Feb 2013

morning went for macdonald breakfast with mum
she gave me the sausage of her hotcake set
so i have Double Sausage McMuffin

met up with bf at ion around 4.30pm
many shops closed due to holiday
so we took bus back to his home
on the way we bought pizza

got down at market went watson 
bought shampoo & hairspray after that
7-11 bought slurpee white chocolate
walked back to bf's home 

rested awhile and bf's cooked the soba
we bought on Luna Sea concert day

 bf took a shower before we 
went out to his auntie's home at yishun
as his parent are both already there for hours

stayed there until 1.50am 
his auntie are all very funny 
overall had a great day

 New Year Day 2 & 3
11 & 12 Feb 2013

 bf's relatives came his home
we just hid in the room and play
League Of Legends both day

 yesterday was our 34th monthsary !
that was kind of fast <3


when grandma still alive & healthy
everyone will gather at our house
for steamboat, cards & mahjong
grandma, dad , bro & me would play
mahjong everyday noon to night for
7 days during lunar new year period

ever since grandma suffered from stroke
no one dare to come our house anymore
they stayed for less than 20 mins and rush off 
some of them don't even bother to turn up 
as if grandma had some virus  

this year without grandma
no mood for lunar new year
guess only our family is affected
the rest are still celebrating happily

well it's understandable 
afterall we are the only one
 closed to grandma <3

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Movie Review - Ah Boys To Men 2

 Monday right after i blogged
went back to sleep until bf called around 3.45pm

booked tickets , took shower 
went out only at 5pm to bugis station alone 
as bf waiting for me there

had subway for my first meal of that day
treated bf's movie so in exchange he paid for meal
i requested for a scoope of egg mayo to my roasted chicken
don't get me wrong .. it taste better that way
not trying to spend more of his money :X

do stop my blog music on the right first


seriously everyone should just watch that movie
i think it's the best movie of the year already 

last year if you missed  

don't worry because DVD out now
just buy original and watch it 

after that go cinema with 
your family or friends and catch

Here's the Mv for part 1 & 2

nice movie is worth to support !

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pre - Cny Post

this saturday is chinese new year eve
going back home for reunion dinner
heard that this year steamboat 
don't have bbq .. kinda sian half

mum scared too oily and 
it's brother home later he don't like it  =(

whatever just a simple dinner
think i shall go eat vegan burger with bf
during cny period if not he will be kinda bored

anyway right now i want to eat potato very much!
but i only can eat cup noodle as bf went
 for company meal and will only be back later

potato potato ~~