Monday, February 11, 2013

Luna Sea Concert & Lunar New Year Day

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!

8 Feb 2013
went Luna Sea concert with bf
our concert tickets got upgraded 

bf helped to sell some tickets off
while i asked around too 

thanks honey x.p for the help too

ate abit before we went out 
when we reached there tried sofries

bf said not nice anyway 

went to get drinks and bought soba

  waited for the rest to come
actually we bought only 3 tickets
me , bf & one of his friend

but due to some reason 
everyone came including bf's mum 
so it was quite special like a gathering 

 quite a enjoyable day

went supper with bf's friends and bf's mum
at the coffeeshop near buona vista mrt
after that took cab to bf's home

New Year Eve
 9 Feb 2013

i reached home at 4.30pm
was raining heavily , 2nd bro & sis in law
already went back anyway thanks for the red packet

ate dinner with my mum
watched ah boys to men with dad
went to sleep at 1am which is so early

New Year Day 1 
10 Feb 2013

morning went for macdonald breakfast with mum
she gave me the sausage of her hotcake set
so i have Double Sausage McMuffin

met up with bf at ion around 4.30pm
many shops closed due to holiday
so we took bus back to his home
on the way we bought pizza

got down at market went watson 
bought shampoo & hairspray after that
7-11 bought slurpee white chocolate
walked back to bf's home 

rested awhile and bf's cooked the soba
we bought on Luna Sea concert day

 bf took a shower before we 
went out to his auntie's home at yishun
as his parent are both already there for hours

stayed there until 1.50am 
his auntie are all very funny 
overall had a great day

 New Year Day 2 & 3
11 & 12 Feb 2013

 bf's relatives came his home
we just hid in the room and play
League Of Legends both day

 yesterday was our 34th monthsary !
that was kind of fast <3


when grandma still alive & healthy
everyone will gather at our house
for steamboat, cards & mahjong
grandma, dad , bro & me would play
mahjong everyday noon to night for
7 days during lunar new year period

ever since grandma suffered from stroke
no one dare to come our house anymore
they stayed for less than 20 mins and rush off 
some of them don't even bother to turn up 
as if grandma had some virus  

this year without grandma
no mood for lunar new year
guess only our family is affected
the rest are still celebrating happily

well it's understandable 
afterall we are the only one
 closed to grandma <3