Wednesday, February 29, 2012

IMM - Puccho

i went to imm again this time i walked around
gaint / watson to look for this puccho candies
seriously the COLA is the NICEST so far

you can find this at

Gaint - $1.85

Watson - $2

some 7-11 store - $ unknown

i bought this at watson anyway because
($2) mix and match buy 10 get 1 free

 don't have anything else to buy 
 don't wanna buy so many Puccho so
i just pick anything that cost $2 :X

got this 2 box at daiso , it's nice ~
i like to shop at daiso alot too everything $2
and some items are really useful !

Friday, February 24, 2012

Review On Nexcare Acne Patch

i dislike it when my face have acne 
i mean who doesn't right ?

especially ladies who need daily make up 
it's really troublesome because we can't
 put cosmetics to cover the acne unless
 you want to be affected by inflammation.

how do you make sure your face is free of acne?
normally i will wash my face whenever i feel it is oily
i'm not those type who drinks alot of water you see

anyway whenever i've acne on face i will get this


it's really nice !! normally i put it on for 1 night
 i can see my acne getting smaller and don't be lazy
when the patch turn white go wash your face and stick a new one

although quite expensive around $8 at watson
 but really worth it because i can see good result :D

sometimes they have promotion for twins pack
do check it out as you can save much more!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review On NV II

30th Jan accompanied bf
 to his muay thai training gym 

 i went to imm alone after that 
as i have nothing to do i walked around 
guardian and came to this health section

thought of getting a detox pill
 and there are so many choice but
not sure which is safer so i stood there for kinda long

just as i was looking around 
this sales lady came to me 
after knowning i have serious constipation problem 

( like once in 5 days -.-" )

she recommended me this awesome product
cost me about $68

as you can see it's suggested to take 3 times a day
but i only took 1 every night before sleep
and next morning i can see the result

tastes kinda sweet seriously
and improved my bowel system

but i have stopped using it like few days
because my mum scared i'm addicted to it

guess i'll only use this when the
 constipation problem get serious again ~~

do check out at Watson too 
as they carry this brand and range now