Thursday, December 27, 2012

Random Post

Yesterday morning while in train 
bf wadsapp me that he gonna meet me 
for breakfast as his client not meeting him

he was ahead of me about 20mins so after i
login at workplace i quickly went down to meet him
luckily i went out early yesterday and it was about 
10.30am when we were having our breakfast :)

during night time 30mins before i off work
bf wadsapp me again , he coming to meet me 
as he finished his meeting , so nice of him
 to come all the way down my workplace
and accompany me back to his home 

it really feels good 
when he did that once in awhile

we went for late dinner at McDonald  
i had nugget while he ate the meal french fries
 apple pie and we shared corn cup 

there this xmas tree decoration outside
it really nice :)

 another few more days to 2013

2012 overall was a bad year 
because we lost our grandma 

i love her and always will be 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Xmas!

Nothing happen on 21.12.2012 
but we bought 2 box of 


Seriously funny
bf taught me how to walk to his home
from my workplace and reminds me to buy
2 small bottle of water just in case

i bought hand generator flashlight
 from daiso , kinda silly but it's fun :D

today is xmas eve , everyone is out there celebrating
bf went to his shifu house for xmas dinner
i bought mexican chicken from char-grill-bar
ate dinner alone and here i am updating blog
Kinda Boring 
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
tomorrow i am working too
supposed to work on 30th dec
got a msg from boss asking me to off on 30th
so i can have a long weekend from 29th to 31st offday

thank you so much ~ 

wishing everyone a merry christmas


Thursday, December 20, 2012


Will we still be around after tomorrow?

some said it's doomsday
some said nothing will happen
some said it's just evolution not all will die

whats on your mind now? 
many news around the world on how they prepared
for 21.12.12 , mostly are all digging deep underground
stock up food & drinks

some funny comments are they are going to
 download show  into their thumbdrive , 
bought extra battery for their ipad, notebook etc
 to watch their movie , show if there are only darkness 

as for me , i was thinking
 do we still need to go work ?
if there are really darkness ,
 i think everyone will be hiding at home

if the world end? 
it's gonna be quite disappointed 
there are too many things we have yet to experience
 bf said i'm stone won't dare to try for anything

of cos i'm not saying i wanna
 go for Bungee jump or things like
 do crazy stuffs before i die 

what i meant is i have not come to the stage 
where i experience marriage , have own kids

i'm only curious how my own baby will look like 

 not forgetting my brace that
 i wished for many years
bring my parent to hongkong
taiwan eat and eat and eat 

i hope nothing happen 
because i still need to go work tomorrow 
and i don't wanna be alone without my family 
or bf by my side if there's really bad stuff going on 

let's see what will happen tomorrow

Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm A Happy Girl.. maybe

Although grandma left us for 1 month already
but she still live in our hearts & mind
till now when we having our dinner together
we still talk about grandma, the joys she brought to us

11 dec was WS birthday 
bought a 1kg mango cake for him 
mum & me sang birthday song for him too

My dad was still working at that time
 so i wadsapp him the cake picture
and his reply never fail to make us laugh

13th Dec 

bought KFC Blueberry Pancake meal for breakfast
come with 2 pcs of pancake, egg and 1 hashbrown
bought a additional hashbrown cos i love it!
 i am bad , i wadsapp bf this picture 

On 15th Dec
it's was my grandma's 4 weeks
wake up early at 7am met up with aunt
and off we went to pray for grandma 

wanna thanks my boss for exchanging my
off day as by right i am supposed to work on 15th
it was my dad's offday too so we waited for WS
to off work in the late afternoon and we went 
commonwealth for dinner 

the time i in train back to bf home
bf was just 2 stop ahead, so he waited me at 
train station and go home together

so nice of him

16 Dec

yesterday bf suddenly said he wanna go down
to his work showroom and he ask me to
find him later as he wanna show me around

as my shoes was dirty i wore a boots out
went to jurong point to buy a converse sneaker 
before heading down to find bf 

the staff there quite nice actually 
anyway i changed the shoes right after i bought it

bf kinda funny kept asking me which station i've reach.
when i reach i called bf asked him where is the showroom
i saw the white tents and i walked over but it was a dead end

 i called bf again and i was kinda in a bad mood 
he should have told me the correct path to walk over
i don't mean to sound pissed but i did talked in that way
i am bad but i dont know why i become like this haha

anyway after bf show me around we went to take bus
thought of going to tiong bahru but no bus go there
so we board 139 to Plaza Singapura

bf ate mushroom crepe and i had ham cheese crepe 
shared tomato soup & root beer after that walked
 around at new wing and we stopped at Marble Slab

bf bought large cup and it cost $14 plus .. 
seriously i think it's very expensive and don't worth it

 we didn't finish the whole cup anyway 
it's way too much -.-"

slack around for awhile and bf brought me 
to lan shop to play L.O.L too bad 10mins into the game
 and server hang we left that lan shop and went Macdonald
 to wait for his friend JB as both of them going for
their company xmas dinner event

when JB arrived i went nex shopping mall
to find parent and WS , we meeting for dinner
and not forgetting WJ & Sis -In -law

Thanks to WS for treating us dinner at Sushi Tei !

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review - MA CHERIE Perfect Shower Bed Hair SOS

My new love of Hair Product is 

i love it's sweet scent
i have frizzy hair as my hair is very damaged
due to over bleaching , trying to keep healthy hair now 

 bf kept plucking my damage hair nowdays :X

as i working 9 - 10 hours 
if i stay at bf home it took me 2 hours
to go and back from travelling 

i seriously think my hair smell oily at evening time
this caught my eyes when i was looking around
at plaza singapura new wing's watson store  

tried it and i seriously loves it
i need it for my frizzy hair and 
i need to get rid of that oily hair smell

after using during evening i rub my scalp and smell it 



was just trying to confirm if it still smell bad
Nope no more oily smell ! <3

i feel like getting it's shampoo and conditioner 
maybe next month :D

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review - L’oreal Lucent Magique BB Cream

i bought different brand of bb cream
but always end up throwing one side or let
 my bf use instead because the colour doesn't 
blend it well to my skin

it always turn out a shade darker or two
if not it turn out too white like i'm a sick person
now i gonna share the BB Cream i bought 
about 2 - 3 days ago :D


Cost : S$24.90 

it's actually in milky white
 as you can see on my hand in picture
can also feel it have small beads texture in it

after i applied, it blend well with my skin colour
skin looks brighter , it's feel light not greasy on skin too

the coverage was quite alright as i have dark eye ring
 i still need to apply concealer on my eye area anyway 

 some other information of the product
( just go and take a look at the actual product at store )

  Exclusive Intuitive BB Capsule which encapsulate 
a blend of skin-perfecting pigments that activates upon
 application to diffuse doses of magic on the skin.
tomorrow will intro my new love hair product <3

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beloved Grandma - 2

when grandma arrived in her coffin
that heartache feeling is super unbearable
we just can't stop crying 

it's really hard to accept the fact she's gone
she was still alright when my bro got married
she left us so sudden just 1 week after 

on the first night after i took my shower
mum said they saw a rare crystal jade color grasshopper
a very beautiful one but it disappear after they 
called out  " grandma "

on the 4th night of the wake 
while the monk start their buddhist chanting 
there's a moth flying above us 

chinese or buddhist believes that 
when someone in the house passed away
they will come back to visit by different insect form
and as a moth most common type you'll see

on the last night of wake
my 3rd uncle, eldest bro and me
 didn't sleep at all, it's grandma last night
and we just wanna accompany her

soon its dawn after sometime we send her off'
for cremation and everyone was crying badly
after that we went back to our house blk
had lunch and off again to collect grandma's bone
everyone get to touch and pick up grandma's bone
that feeling is really weird seriously

anyway had a bad incident that day
not gonna post on that but i wanna say
i hate my 2nd uncle , he bullied other uncle
and yelled at my mum , seioursly 2 word for him FO

every weekend i went home with a happy mood
the first thing i do is greet my grandma while closing
the house door , put my bag down and sat beside her
talk to her, play with her 

after she gone , there are few times i cried while
walking back home because she is not there 
waiting for me to greet her anymore 

but everything is alright now
we must think positive view that grandma
if free from misery now . may buddha lead her well

 i wanna say Thank You to both of my boss
for very understanding and approved my leave
for so many days. it's very inconvenience for them
since year end is always a busy period 

by the way on 19th nov 
i went amk hub to watch movie 
" ah boys to men " with bf

i know it's very bad timing to watch the movie
since grandma's wake is not over yet at that time
but we bought the tickets on 16th nov when
 grandma is still alive and there's no refund

thanks mum for asking me to go ahead for the movie
  i went back right after it end and seriously
i had a good laugh and it made me feel better

overall it's nice movie 
please support local movie!
 we will watch part 2 on feb 2013

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beloved Grandma

Grandma left us on 18th nov 

i was working on 17th nov , 7plus pm received a text
from WS my 3rd bro, that grandma fainted 
mum is with her on the way to hospital

 called mum to ask which hospital they went
called my boss to inform him that i have to go off right away

met up with WS at novena station and hurry off to 
A&E at Tan Tock Seng Hospital

 my mum , 2nd bro & sis-in-law were there already
we waited at the waiting room for update 

around 8 plus we went to see the doctor ,
 he showed us the scan of grandma's head 
from above eyebrow, he explained that there are 
blood in her brain and is 60% brain damaged
he told us to prepare for worst 
as grandma can't take operation 
 she will become vegetative patient even
she able to survive, the thought of her 
won't be able to talk , no more reaction
break my heart and we cried

 called all the relatives to come down right away,
 WS & me went back to mrt station to wait for dad. 
while waiting there, cousin JS along with his gf 
reached and next my eldest bro WM soon after dad too

we quickly walked back and met up with the rest
but was told to wait as they are transferring grandma
 to ward which it took about 2 hour to do so .. 
it was already near 11pm at that time   

when we finally able to see grandma 
she was in coma, she was struggling to breathe hard
all her sons and daughter were already by her side 
except for my 3rd uncle the only one still not there 

at around 2 plus am some uncle already went back
dad, Wm & Wj were asked to go home too 
as they're working in morning, 3rd uncle reached
shortly after with some of his friend .. 

after 3rd uncle talked to grandma , her heartbeat start
going lower and lower, her blood pressure
 went higher and higher. uncle's friend say 

 ( he can see those "thing" )

grandma cannot make it already and 
they were asking her to go peacefully i quickly texted Wj
to update him and he rushed back to hospital again
after awhile 3rd uncle went off with his friend

WJ reached and we just stay at grandma side 
she was breathing hard and slowly
 she not breathing anymore but
 her heartbeat was still beating for awhile 
and soon she totally gone at 3plus am

after everything done , only left me, 
WS , Mum, Auntie, 4th Uncle & his wife 

This is my first time going in mortuary
and it felt so terrible to see grandma there
after that we went home had a quick shower
 went out for breakfast and bought some new clothing 
for grandma to wear for her wake

( to be continue )

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Special Post For My Brothers & Sis-In-Law

this post is specially for
 my 2nd bro WJ and sis - in - law - QL
 not forgetting my 3rd bro WS

actually i kinda envy of our cousins
 their bf / gf can get along well with each other

at that time i was thinking why we can't be like them
going out together as a group happily 
For Sis-In-Law QL

i understand that you are not a bad lady
i know you don't have intension to hurt us
 with words in the beginning too

its was our wrong to give you nickname 
in the first place but we stopped ever since 
WJ requested us not to be mean after the
 first few meeting with you as he told us you cried

i'm sorry that we made you cried 
i know it's been hard for you 

because WJ have immature bro & sis
who can't accept their elder bro
giving more attention to his gf back then 

i understand WS felt leftout and lonely
when i have boyfriend, you and WJ 
was trying to cheer him up by helping him
with the nicknames things 

i call it a quit if only that was done privately
but i was very upset because you all did it publicly
 i don't like it when outsider ( those at fb ) poked their nose
into our family's matter like seeing a free show

anyway all were past already
let's not mention unhappy things up in future
i welcome you as new family member
i hope everyone get along well in future
family is for lifetime, let's us all be happy family

For My 2nd Bro WJ

 remember the times you called
me to chat while i was working in the past?

i told you that i support you and QL
relationship, i thought you would do 
the same for me in the beginning 
when i have a boyfriend 

so i was upset when you didn't
i understand you care for me
maybe afraid that i will get hurt

especially this was my first relationship
maybe you all don't understand why
parents support and approved of my relationship

one day parent told me they are afraid
 that i can't find a boyfriend
with my this quiet personality

 so when i told them i was going out 
with a guy some times later

they were happy about it especially he is a decent guy
compared to another one which i asked parent for advice 

i know you're unhappy when i stay out late
with my boyfriend, i hope you understand 
during that time i was working very long hour
i only have 1 offday, and i travel by public transport

the times i spend with him was short
i understand parent worry for me to cab home alone
so they suggested to fetch me late at night and
this actions caused you guys unhappy 

i hope you all know
i am already adult , i have to go through
all this stages even if it fail , no pain no gain 

i will take good care of myself and responsible
for all my own decision and action 

you said that i'm always your sister no matter what
i wanna say you're my brother no matter what too  

i hope you will continue to love QL
like how you always do no matter
 how many years later 


 Super Long Post But Not The End Yet!

For My 3rd Bro WS
I know you got read my blog :P

i want you to know , you will never be alone
WJ and QL married, I have boyfriend
but doesn't means we forgot about you

i really hope you find your right girl soon
and looking forward one day we could all
go out together as a family group happily

don't be afraid, don't be shy
we both got close personality 
if i can step out , you can do it too 

always remember we're always here for you!

Monday, November 12, 2012

It's My Brother's Big Day !

11 / 11 / 2012 

is a special day

morning a simple tea ceremony
to grandma from my 2nd bro & sis-in-law

yes she is my 2nd sis-in-law right now


 my parent, eldest bro & me
took a cab down hotel & reached at 5pm

met up with my 3rd bro who accompany
my 2nd bro since this morning

we went in to wrong waiting room
quite funny actually as it was empty
 so we thought we're in the right room

played phone camera with my dad
until awhile my 2nd bro came in and
said that is not the right room

seriously L.O.L

6pm ceremony started
after that , tea ceremony for both
family & relatives

7.30pm went in dinner room
soon they came in and settle down
video of their pictures started

saw 2 pictures of my eldest bro with 2nd bro
when they were very young, kinda touched

cos of our age gap with eldest bro
he doesn't really talk to us
always seem coldly toward us

but we do have some memories
with eldest bro, although he might
not remember but for me i do..

he use money to solve quarrel between
me & 3rd bro when we were very young

he like to disturb me by calling my names
many times and says he called for fun

he gave me teddy bear for birthday
when i was about sec 1 or 2

i believe 2nd bro & 3rd bro
have their own version of memories
with my eldest brother too

my family are all not good at expressing
family love.. we all felt awkward ,
uncomfortable to do so -.-"

ate till 2nd or 3rd dishes they
went to change for evening gown
came back and had some speech

to all my bro
i just wanna say, no matter how big
the age gap is between all of us
 we're forever family

here some blur pictures

it's really nice & comfortable

pretty nice roses


purse i brought along
contained mainly tissues
and my handphone :D

will update more picture tomorrow
and maybe a post delicated to
2nd bro & sis-in-law
if i not feeling lazy ... :X

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cut my hair again ~

yesterday asked bf to cut my hair again
too much damaged hair and no shape

it look kinda like the first time
he cut for me , not much different
except that bye to more damaged hair
picture taken a day before cut

today .. after the cut

no different right? haha actually it does, 
as i asked bf cut those at the back shorter
which is can't see in this picture

anyway i have to blur out the background
as bf remind me before not to disclose
my working place .. to prevent weird people

by the way

  my boss msged me yesterday at 8pm 
that i've to work at another outlet this
3 days and i only saw the msg at 1plus am -.-"

anyway after i log-in the shop i went to 
fairprice which is just above the shop to buy

 ( as picture below )

so far i ate 2 slices of corn bread 
with peanut butter , grass jelly with palm seeds  

i love the corn bread alots !

the grass jelly not that nice,
not sweet enough for me :X

anyway gonna eat the apple chips later 
if it taste nice, i will buy another packet
to share with bf later tonight :D

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Random Post

Yesterday morning after breakfast
while bf and i  preparing to go out

 we were talking about some old stuffs
 i told him i dislike it that in the past
there was once he went out to drinks
with his bandmates without letting me know
he only informed me near 3 hours later
 after i texted him , so i was kinda angry at that time
even though i didn't tell him

it's not like i angry because he went out
with bandmates it's because if i didn't
text him, he not gonna tell me he went pub?
morever there are other girls, yes they're
bandmate's friend but however he should
still inform me, basic respect right?
i don't think he will be happy too
if i were the one who went out with friends
late night for drinks without letting him know
 and there are other guys friends along
( uh no we didn't quarrel
 we talked in some funny way :P )

anyway i went home after that
to return the survey books 
dad came home shortly after his work
chatted with them abit and i went to 
somerset to meet bf after that at 4pm
we split way with his friends 
bf said he wanna walk around
 it's was raining heavily at that time
we went orchard central roof garden
its was 12 level high , kinda scary to me 
at that moment the rain stopped
after we went down we walked to
 Plaza Singapura, Peace Centre,
 Bra Basah Complex and Excelsior Shopping Centre 
to look for his new bass strings
reached bf's home at 8 plus pm 
took a shower and cooked my own dinner
after awhile took half hour nap before watching
walking dead season 3 episode 3 with bf at 2am

it's was a super long day

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Food Review - Nyonya Snacks

saw this from Indo Asia Delights stall
Kueh Dadar

 Coconuts filling

very soft and the coconut is really sweet

Ondeh Ondeh 
( Palm Sugar Filling )

made with Glutinous Rice Flour,
Pandan,  Grated Fresh Coconut 
i love the palm sugar so much 

Novena Square 2
Basement 1 
Indo Asian Delights

Kueh Dadar  -   3 for $2
Ondeh Ondeh  -  5 for $2 

 they still have other Nyonya Snacks
should check it out next time

actually i find it nowdays quite hard
to find nyonya snacks at neighborhood
 coffee shop , foodcourt or hawker centre

2 years back, grandma always buy this
Nyonya Snacks - Kueh Dadar & Ondeh Ondeh
for me while i still sleeping 
so whenever i see this Nyonya Snacks
it reminds me of grandma ... alots

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Random Post

wanted to update but too tired to do so
not enough sleep this few days -.-

yesterday evening went bugis
 with bf to buy Agarwood incense
 i bought a packet for my family too

ate dinner there vegetarian chicken rice
and around midnight we're hungry again

bf baked pasta with tomato sauce  
although plain but still very nice

 i want to post this,
 that day i took bus to work
its the first time from clementi 
all the way to orchard the bus is empty
as everyone went upper deck 

i took some picture of the bus 

 first time so peaceful
enjoyable quiet ride

  took a picture of myself to remind
me of this very moment haha :S

by the way have i blogged this?
the ear dust cap bf bought from Gmarket

i lost the rabbit the very first day i brought out
super upset .. it is so cute :3


anyway i think i will be super tired again
you know i am not a morning person

and i have to go other outlet work
2 days every weeks as one of my boss is oversea
which is 11am - 9pm thats means i gotta
wake up at 8.15am to prepare -.-"

you must be thinking 8.15am its not early
everyone is waking up earlier right?

i slept at 2 plus am or even 3am
because when i reached bf home

i eat dinner , shower i have to wait
my hair to dry without using dryer

 when everything finally done 
it's is already that late :S

 worst thing is that friday & sat i have to
work until 10pm at the outlet i always stationed :(

i gotta go home this coming sat after work
so i can spend more time with my parent
gotta help them cut / dye hair on sunday

hope to have time and update soon again  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gardens By The Bay

Last sunday before i went to bf's house
he wadsapp me that he going to marina bay
for some work related stuff and asked 
if i wanna go with him 

so i met up with him at promenade station
as i was at ang mo kio , i should change 
circle line at dhoby ghaut instead of bishan

it should be abit faster right?
anyway i was 3mins late and he's
about 15mins earlier ( happy waiting ) :X

 the bus i took to bf's home after work
always pass by here but it's our first time
standing there , it's really beautiful scene

Gardens By The Bay

the spot we standing is really awesome
especially when you look up at those light

it's doesn't look like singapore at all
more like final fantasy scene haha :D


i didn't take many picture as i was enjoying 
bf's got more nice picture but i not going to
post them here , you should really go take a look

website below for those who is interested 

Gardens By The Bay Website 

if only grandma was healthy like before
would like to bring her there so much :(

anyway after that we went home
 bf cooked pasta , seriously nice <3

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Create Talents & I Model International

i did a post on this before however i can't find it
weird! nevermind i shall repost this

have you ever been approached by 
those so called " talent scout " at town area?
actually i have been approached by
create talents like thrice or even more

first time was at jurong point
while waiting for bf after his reservist

second time and third at bugis 
 they called me but no i didn't went down

 the office is like so near to my work place
i always walked pass their office 
to buy my lunch and mr bean's soya milk

i went plaza singapura just now  
as usual , sudden a lady stop me 
gave me namecard and take my name down

I model international 
did a research and what i found out 
from other website review

it was under same company as create talents 
true or not ? anyway not that interested
i know how it works, not gonna fall for it

Just a reminder
 other girls / boys out there , beware
not all people gonna get a assignment
you need to let them take portfolio  
which will cost you alot 

even if they ask you go for audition
no one confirm you will get the job
it's all depend on the company
who invites you to audition

for myself, i won't fork a single cent
to take portfolio for modeling
unless is for my wedding in future :X

anyway while i walk back to work
got one auntie kept calling me
and you know what ?? 

she asked me to give her $1.10
as she want to take bus ..
seriously what she thinking ?
i rather top $0.30 to buy mr bean soya milk

not trying to be mean here
i work to earn money for my family
and myself , the auntie is in healthy form
if she needs money, then go work and earn

i will only give money to those old needy 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Seriously Stress !

i do envy people out there
they have their dreams and passion
while i have nothing and i'm always lost

i have no idea which path to go

i always wonder what we living for?
you work for money, because you need them
to buy your dream branded bag, house , car etc

 for me, i don't care what branded bag
as long as it can put my stuff

i don't need fashion clothing
as long it cover me well
 comfortable & warm

i don't care how big is the house
as long is a place i call " home "
where i have family around

in order to have all that , 
i still need money 

the money we earn in singapore
may look alot to other country

but you know how pathetic it was
if you live in singapore  

everything here is so expensive
you will left with nothing but a huge debt 

the rich is richer everyday 
while the poor is poorer
this few days i kept having nightmare
i can't sleep well, thinking about the same
questions over and over again 

after so much troublesome thought 
finally i can relax abit and forget it

i realized i am not alone 
but i don't have anyone to talk to

all i do is bomb my bro's wadsapp
he must be thinking " not again "

poor him, have to see my msg 
every morning and night :S

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Crispy Nutella

went bugis street with bf last week plus
was walking around looking for 
his new samsung galaxy 3 casing 

saw this stall selling crepes 
ordered choco nana 

very crispy
we didn't take the picture  

if you like , you can goggle
for Ned's Crepes & Coffee

anyway my main point is
i suggest that we can toast bread
 put nutella & banana
it will be nice haha 

( i really did tried )

bf cooked his own version 

 only with nutella but still very nice
taste like the crepe at bugis :)

everyone should just cook their own version 
 instead of buying, more fun and cheap !!!