Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Xmas!

Nothing happen on 21.12.2012 
but we bought 2 box of 


Seriously funny
bf taught me how to walk to his home
from my workplace and reminds me to buy
2 small bottle of water just in case

i bought hand generator flashlight
 from daiso , kinda silly but it's fun :D

today is xmas eve , everyone is out there celebrating
bf went to his shifu house for xmas dinner
i bought mexican chicken from char-grill-bar
ate dinner alone and here i am updating blog
Kinda Boring 
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
tomorrow i am working too
supposed to work on 30th dec
got a msg from boss asking me to off on 30th
so i can have a long weekend from 29th to 31st offday

thank you so much ~ 

wishing everyone a merry christmas