Thursday, December 20, 2012


Will we still be around after tomorrow?

some said it's doomsday
some said nothing will happen
some said it's just evolution not all will die

whats on your mind now? 
many news around the world on how they prepared
for 21.12.12 , mostly are all digging deep underground
stock up food & drinks

some funny comments are they are going to
 download show  into their thumbdrive , 
bought extra battery for their ipad, notebook etc
 to watch their movie , show if there are only darkness 

as for me , i was thinking
 do we still need to go work ?
if there are really darkness ,
 i think everyone will be hiding at home

if the world end? 
it's gonna be quite disappointed 
there are too many things we have yet to experience
 bf said i'm stone won't dare to try for anything

of cos i'm not saying i wanna
 go for Bungee jump or things like
 do crazy stuffs before i die 

what i meant is i have not come to the stage 
where i experience marriage , have own kids

i'm only curious how my own baby will look like 

 not forgetting my brace that
 i wished for many years
bring my parent to hongkong
taiwan eat and eat and eat 

i hope nothing happen 
because i still need to go work tomorrow 
and i don't wanna be alone without my family 
or bf by my side if there's really bad stuff going on 

let's see what will happen tomorrow