Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Going On Healthier Path

Yesterday went gym with bf
ate egg mayo with bread before heading out
i only jogged and fast walk on machine
for 40mins after that wait for bf to finish

went back bf's home i start doing some
arm workout with the dumb bell 

ate 1 hash brown for lunch
 followed by 1 grapefruit as snack
cup noodle for dinner 

cup noodle is unhealthy i know
once in a while still acceptable right

anyway nowdays i felt tired easily
i really need to sleep before 12am 
many thought in my mind 
and it's so frustrating

if only we can turn back the time
how i wish we can just stay as a child
with nothing to worry about 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Don't be lazy

Yesterday went swimming with bf
 didn't expect alot people will be there
as it was monday but so many kids!

first went pool with shelter too long never swim 
i can't hold my breath too long anymore 
so i was actually kinda afraid to go too deep 
and the water kept going in my goggle 

so most of the time i was adjusting it at the pool side
while bf already swam 4th lap it really suck to think that
 i used to swim so much better when i was young  

 now i get toe cramp easily plus my right arm hurt
not sure if it because i took weight for arm 
toning too long the day before or other reasons

anyway after that we went to the pool under the sun
as bf wanted to tan his fair skin , i managed to swim
abit as the pool there not so deep so i not afraid
just in case my toe cramp again at least i not gonna drown 

anyway my arm got 2 different skin tone now
luckily we not gonna swim for too long if not
it will be very obvious to have 2 tone on my arm 

after that we went jurong point for lunch 

look at this tosai bf ordered 
so big and long so we shared this meal 

 went fairprice to buy fruits after that
home sweet home but thats not the end
we continue to do arm workout training 

our sweat was actually dripping like hell 
but it was nice when showering with cold water

 always feel good after exercise ~~~

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Yellow Dumb Bell~

that day during my work break 
went to buy 2 dumb bell luckily for me
my workplace area got sell sport stuff hehe <3

below my dumb bell cute picture

2.5kg is a good weight for starter like me
anything below is too light for me and
best weight to tone was 5 to 8 lbs  

has been checking alot on grapefruit
and now it's part of my diet plan 

grapefruit juice is seriously sour 
so i bought it with apple and it taste much better

just started out yesterday not sure
if can really help in slimming 
well i guess should take some time to see 

anyway it's such a healthy drinks !
so much better than soft drinks or even 
packet juices which loaded with lots of sugar



Prescription drugs and grapefruit 

are ' deadly mix ' !!!



Please do not take grapefruit if you are on medication
check with your doctor or pharmacist before consuming

for more information please go google it 


Monday, March 11, 2013

Food Review - Old Airport Road Food Centre

Yesterday went back home to
cut & dye my bro's hair after that
we went to old airport road for dinner with mum

it was raining , i shared my umbrella with
my mum while brother use another umbrella

 reached there and we happened to found a empty table
asked the cleaner auntie to help us clear the table
after that i asked bro to accompany mum to buy food

while i was waiting for them to come back
2 rude auntie came and just sat on the seat of the table
i sitting at so i told them politely that the seat are taken

the auntie in white talk in a loud voice and said


i replied 3 and she start counting the seat and said


seriously deep down i'm am very unhappy already
firstly if they come and asked politely if seat taken
i don't mind sharing the table with them 

nowdays old people think they very big fuck ?
there are so many empty seat why come to the table
i'm sitting at? you don't see a clean table and just 
sat on the seat without asking okay?! where your manner?!

i can feel smoke on top of my head at that moment
although i am super unhappy i replied " ok fine! " 

i don't want to quarrel with them
it only make me look stupid and pull me down to their level

i don't respect people who don't know how to respect other

next time i will say i have 6 people 
even if there were only 3 of us
i can say other is still on the way
 and not share with this kind of barbarian people 

here a picture of them 










i am good enough to help them cover their face

seriously my happy dinner with mum & bro
were ruined thanks to both of them !!

and yet they are talking non stop 
even after they finished their food 


now picture of food ~


5 bbq chicken wing

refreshing sugarcane juice

BBQ stingray with lots of sambal chilli
super delicious !

15 sticks of chicken satay 

unique satay gravy with grated pineapple

the waiting time for this 
chuan kee satay is about 35mins - 40mins !

the best satay because of their delicious satay gravy
 do place order the first thing you reached there 

by the way it's so expensive now
last time satay cost about 30cent for each 
while now it's 50cent for each stick :(

Address & Contact:
Chuan Kee Satay
Old Airport Road Food Centre #01-85
Block 51 Old Airport Road S390051

Operation hours:
6.30pm – until sold out around 11pm
Closed Mondays and Thursday
Sunday opened at 1pm

Nearest MRT station: Dakota MRT (CC8) Exit B

hope everyone have a happy meal time if you ever go there
wish you won't encounter barbarian people like them who
will ruin your happy time like how they ruined mine

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


went for abit jogging last 2 day with bf
hoping to do some toning too i know 
this must continue to see result
 actually i'm quite lazy  
although i managed to maintain
  my weight at 43kg for last 3 years

 but as my highest record  was 56kg
 i'm kinda afraid i will gained back 
those weight if i don't do something 

another reason

i really hope to break my own record
to slim down even more because
it seem like i'm stuck at that weight 
for this 3 years already

 1 thing must do is to exercises
another is to avoid high sugar 
 sodium and fats foods / drinks 

i have to think what can i eat
and what i can't eat carefully now

what i afraid most is bf's mum buying
oily food for me hahaha :X

last sat after work i went for shower
so didn't answer her call and bf actually
asked her to buy macdonald for me !

i was like omg .. oh well ... nevermind
the next morning she bought prata for me 

 haha i felt so sinful that whole day 
bf still wanna give me pizza that evening
but i rejected ! say NO to pizza ! !

tonight going back home
can't wait to see my parent !
 i hope mum don't give me big plate of rice
shall do some simple exercises before sleep too
since my bro will be home late tonight :D

just a updated picture march 2013
hair seem to grow a little bit longer :)