Tuesday, March 5, 2013


went for abit jogging last 2 day with bf
hoping to do some toning too i know 
this must continue to see result
 actually i'm quite lazy  
although i managed to maintain
  my weight at 43kg for last 3 years

 but as my highest record  was 56kg
 i'm kinda afraid i will gained back 
those weight if i don't do something 

another reason

i really hope to break my own record
to slim down even more because
it seem like i'm stuck at that weight 
for this 3 years already

 1 thing must do is to exercises
another is to avoid high sugar 
 sodium and fats foods / drinks 

i have to think what can i eat
and what i can't eat carefully now

what i afraid most is bf's mum buying
oily food for me hahaha :X

last sat after work i went for shower
so didn't answer her call and bf actually
asked her to buy macdonald for me !

i was like omg .. oh well ... nevermind
the next morning she bought prata for me 

 haha i felt so sinful that whole day 
bf still wanna give me pizza that evening
but i rejected ! say NO to pizza ! !

tonight going back home
can't wait to see my parent !
 i hope mum don't give me big plate of rice
shall do some simple exercises before sleep too
since my bro will be home late tonight :D

just a updated picture march 2013
hair seem to grow a little bit longer :)