Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Yellow Dumb Bell~

that day during my work break 
went to buy 2 dumb bell luckily for me
my workplace area got sell sport stuff hehe <3

below my dumb bell cute picture

2.5kg is a good weight for starter like me
anything below is too light for me and
best weight to tone was 5 to 8 lbs  

has been checking alot on grapefruit
and now it's part of my diet plan 

grapefruit juice is seriously sour 
so i bought it with apple and it taste much better

just started out yesterday not sure
if can really help in slimming 
well i guess should take some time to see 

anyway it's such a healthy drinks !
so much better than soft drinks or even 
packet juices which loaded with lots of sugar



Prescription drugs and grapefruit 

are ' deadly mix ' !!!



Please do not take grapefruit if you are on medication
check with your doctor or pharmacist before consuming

for more information please go google it