Monday, August 27, 2012

Do you know zodiac star sign come with 3 stage?

Do you have friends who share the same
 Zodiac as you but somehow doesn't share
the same kind of personality ?

i'm kind of Zodiac fans and i remember
watching a taiwanese show that talks about Zodiac
i can't remember how many days belong to same stage

but i found a post on other website which have about
the same break-stage , i gonna use the date they posted

 Zodiac have 3 stages , whats does that means?
i am posting a example on my star sign

.  my birth date is 21 may ,on different magazine
my star sign is Taurus or Gemini  

1st stage personality 
Mixture Of Taurus & Gemini
20 May - 31 May

2nd stage personality
Pure Gemini
1 June - 10 June

3rd stage personality
Mixture Of Gemini - Cancer

Do check out your both sign personality
and you will be kinda surprised 

as for me
i love gemini really but sometimes
i feel kinda depressed just like
i really wanna trust someone but
another part of me does not feel the same way 

i'm confused by my own feeling always
just like when i'm angry i feel like shouting back
or when i'm upset and feel like crying
 another part of me tells me 
"NO, You can't do that! "

i'm really a crybaby
but i have not been crying infront of others
for very very long time as whenever 
i started to cry, i can't stop crying 

for that reasons 
i kept everything to myself
even when i felt somethings wrong

i won't approach that person
just that i can felt my heart get heavier
i feel tired , trust and confident somehow faded

Emo is the only word

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trying for healthier lifestyle

18th Aug had my off in lieu , 
went home but my brother brought mum out already
didn't get to see my dad that day as he was in training

grandma was good that day , she laughed alot
had a great time with her, glad to see her happy 

mum came back on evening , and i went off 
around 6pm to clementi , wait for bf off work

by the way 

went for jogging with bf this few days
i felt like dying after that even though
the distance i jog was very short only and 
most of the time i'm actually walking LOL

too long never do exercise already :X 
but i think it's good enough 
as long there is perspiration

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

what are the percentage ?

during lunch time i went to pomo
the atm was down so i went out of pomo
as i know further down the building have another atm

suddenly someone put his hand around
my shoulder, was kinda surprised as it was my bf

cool huh, this is the 2nd time we met like this
 by coincidence,we didn't plan to meet at all
 although i know he will be around that area
 to collect his cert today

anyway had lunch with bf 
after that he went home while i went back to work

hmm bf went for band meeting and 
not gonna be back soon, kinda bored 
as diablo 3 currently down .. so update blog :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

i hate this type of people!

yesterday after work, i got on the bus 
no seat for me but luckily at that time
not much people yet so i found a corner to stand
as i was kinda tired so i closed my eye and rest

the bus are full after it reach suntec stop
i open my eye once in awhile to check where 
we are already, and when the bus reach imm 
the guy standing infront of me suddenly show me
his hp with text when i opened my eye again

i don't even know he is malay or indian but the text
it say something like he notice me taking same bus
for many times already and etc i can't remember
it was a long text and i didn't even touch his hp 
but i saw there are more text below as he scroll down

seriously i don't even really bother to read
so i just gave him a awkward smile
hoping the bus faster reach my stop 

he talked to me and mention he hope
to add my facebook or contact 

be it facebook or what, i don't even wanna know him

so i just ignored him, seriously this is the
first time i met such people, i mean so what if
we took the same bus ? it's not only him taking the same bus

i saw the same lady, or auntie taking same bus
 more often than i saw him, doesn't means we need
 to get known to each other , what a lame reason to use

he just can't seem to shut his mouth up
keep asking me question like do i smoke etc
as my stop reaching i replied i don't smoke
and he seem to know i gonna alight as he said
" cya around " or something 

i tapped my ezlink card and i walked slowly at first
i didn't realize him alighted too until i heard his voice again
asking me wanna smoke with him 

as the traffic light for crossing turn green 
i quickly walk as fast as i could and make sure
he didn't follow behind me 

i really hate this type of people most
i call them desperate people 

 another type of people i hate is girl
who act stupid infront of other guys   

just like IT things i think its normal that girls
don't understand the product better than guys

just like i always ask suggestion from my bf or brother
on IT products, and i can get really upset when bf
thought i trying to act stupid on that stuff

seriously i'm not that kind of people who 
like to create trouble for others i only 
ask things i really don't know 

but i notice some girls they like to ask stupid question
 on simple things which can be solved by searching google,
no brain izzit? act until like this can only piss people off

i hope everyone don't behave like this 
seriously it is irritating 

there's are more type of people i really dislike
but my post is long enough and i shall just stop here 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

why must we live in such stressful way

It's Singapore National Day

when i was still in primary school
we get to go for the National Day Parade preview

i like the goodies bag most

when i'm older, no more NDP preview for us
the tickets are hard to get but stella 
yvonne , me and melting would always go for
the firework and stay out till morning

the last time we watched firework together was
like 5 years ago? can't remember =X

actually i feeling kinda vex 
bf suggested 2 path for me
but i don't like it at all

first 1 is impossible because i can't drive
i will learn maybe in future but not now
i don't have the time and money right now

if i have money, i will get my dental brace done
thats the first thing i wanna do since long ago 

as for the 2nd choice he suggested 


if i wanna work so long hour for 6 days
i already join Yun Nam long ago 
 since they are the same type of company

i need 1 hour 45mins to get myself ready for work
plus travel how many hour gone already ?

with such long working hour company 
staying indoor all day, short break time,
and only 1 off day , i rather you kill me 
a unhappy job won't give me a happy life

i'm not a robot , i not gonna allow myself
to have life that is the moment i reach home
after work, i shower , eat , go to bed straight
 and wake up doing the same cycle next 5 days

i may look for other job with higher salary 
if you want me to, but i won't agree to work
under company with unfair system .

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

as we grow older, the more trouble we face

Sunday when going back home
 while i walking to bus stop

this cat was sleeping 
i took its picture, super cute 

whatsapp to bf this picture haha :D

 evening time , bf whatsapp me this picture back


Seriously LOL - Super Cute !!

by the way i bought mango cake
for my mum's advance birthday celebration

went for dinner with them
had a great day with my family <3

when going back bf's home at night
mum and dad accompanied me to wait cab

actually there are many things that troubled me
i'm worrying about my parents and future 
i missed the peaceful life we had before

but it's all gone now, because of selfish relative 
who only think for themself, when they are at down hill
my parent helped them, and what we get in return?

as for myself i also know i can't possible work
at current work place for many years

but i really have no idea what i want, i have no dream
what should i do? study? study what? its gonna be
waste of money and time if i study for nothing 

who gonna give me suggestion?