Friday, August 10, 2012

i hate this type of people!

yesterday after work, i got on the bus 
no seat for me but luckily at that time
not much people yet so i found a corner to stand
as i was kinda tired so i closed my eye and rest

the bus are full after it reach suntec stop
i open my eye once in awhile to check where 
we are already, and when the bus reach imm 
the guy standing infront of me suddenly show me
his hp with text when i opened my eye again

i don't even know he is malay or indian but the text
it say something like he notice me taking same bus
for many times already and etc i can't remember
it was a long text and i didn't even touch his hp 
but i saw there are more text below as he scroll down

seriously i don't even really bother to read
so i just gave him a awkward smile
hoping the bus faster reach my stop 

he talked to me and mention he hope
to add my facebook or contact 

be it facebook or what, i don't even wanna know him

so i just ignored him, seriously this is the
first time i met such people, i mean so what if
we took the same bus ? it's not only him taking the same bus

i saw the same lady, or auntie taking same bus
 more often than i saw him, doesn't means we need
 to get known to each other , what a lame reason to use

he just can't seem to shut his mouth up
keep asking me question like do i smoke etc
as my stop reaching i replied i don't smoke
and he seem to know i gonna alight as he said
" cya around " or something 

i tapped my ezlink card and i walked slowly at first
i didn't realize him alighted too until i heard his voice again
asking me wanna smoke with him 

as the traffic light for crossing turn green 
i quickly walk as fast as i could and make sure
he didn't follow behind me 

i really hate this type of people most
i call them desperate people 

 another type of people i hate is girl
who act stupid infront of other guys   

just like IT things i think its normal that girls
don't understand the product better than guys

just like i always ask suggestion from my bf or brother
on IT products, and i can get really upset when bf
thought i trying to act stupid on that stuff

seriously i'm not that kind of people who 
like to create trouble for others i only 
ask things i really don't know 

but i notice some girls they like to ask stupid question
 on simple things which can be solved by searching google,
no brain izzit? act until like this can only piss people off

i hope everyone don't behave like this 
seriously it is irritating 

there's are more type of people i really dislike
but my post is long enough and i shall just stop here