Thursday, August 9, 2012

why must we live in such stressful way

It's Singapore National Day

when i was still in primary school
we get to go for the National Day Parade preview

i like the goodies bag most

when i'm older, no more NDP preview for us
the tickets are hard to get but stella 
yvonne , me and melting would always go for
the firework and stay out till morning

the last time we watched firework together was
like 5 years ago? can't remember =X

actually i feeling kinda vex 
bf suggested 2 path for me
but i don't like it at all

first 1 is impossible because i can't drive
i will learn maybe in future but not now
i don't have the time and money right now

if i have money, i will get my dental brace done
thats the first thing i wanna do since long ago 

as for the 2nd choice he suggested 


if i wanna work so long hour for 6 days
i already join Yun Nam long ago 
 since they are the same type of company

i need 1 hour 45mins to get myself ready for work
plus travel how many hour gone already ?

with such long working hour company 
staying indoor all day, short break time,
and only 1 off day , i rather you kill me 
a unhappy job won't give me a happy life

i'm not a robot , i not gonna allow myself
to have life that is the moment i reach home
after work, i shower , eat , go to bed straight
 and wake up doing the same cycle next 5 days

i may look for other job with higher salary 
if you want me to, but i won't agree to work
under company with unfair system .