Monday, August 27, 2012

Do you know zodiac star sign come with 3 stage?

Do you have friends who share the same
 Zodiac as you but somehow doesn't share
the same kind of personality ?

i'm kind of Zodiac fans and i remember
watching a taiwanese show that talks about Zodiac
i can't remember how many days belong to same stage

but i found a post on other website which have about
the same break-stage , i gonna use the date they posted

 Zodiac have 3 stages , whats does that means?
i am posting a example on my star sign

.  my birth date is 21 may ,on different magazine
my star sign is Taurus or Gemini  

1st stage personality 
Mixture Of Taurus & Gemini
20 May - 31 May

2nd stage personality
Pure Gemini
1 June - 10 June

3rd stage personality
Mixture Of Gemini - Cancer

Do check out your both sign personality
and you will be kinda surprised 

as for me
i love gemini really but sometimes
i feel kinda depressed just like
i really wanna trust someone but
another part of me does not feel the same way 

i'm confused by my own feeling always
just like when i'm angry i feel like shouting back
or when i'm upset and feel like crying
 another part of me tells me 
"NO, You can't do that! "

i'm really a crybaby
but i have not been crying infront of others
for very very long time as whenever 
i started to cry, i can't stop crying 

for that reasons 
i kept everything to myself
even when i felt somethings wrong

i won't approach that person
just that i can felt my heart get heavier
i feel tired , trust and confident somehow faded

Emo is the only word