Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anyone Willing To Adopt ??

2012 is the worst year ever in my life

moved to my eldest brother's home
our german spitz -  pomeranian " lucky "
 are not allowed to go along as my grandma 
had stroke & senile dementia . need plenty of rest

lucky is homeless soon
tried looking for pet boarding but it's was expensive
my parent now totally have no income as they are not working
my mum needs to take care of my grandma full time too

i can't even afford pet boarding and the only thing
i can do is to hope that some kind soul out there
willing to adopt my poor little lucky 

anyone in singapore willing to adopt?


Details: male - 23rd dec 2001
not paper trained as Spoil
by my parent since young

 (new update)
Latest Injection done on 3rd april 2012 

attention seeker, playful, friendly , loyal

Gluttonous -
keep chair away from table if there's food
on it as he will jump up to eat

please bring him for outdoor walk he loves it

 (  taken from wiki )

  Pomeranians are typically a
very friendly and lively breed of dog

They love to be around their owners
and are known to be protective of them.

 They bond quickly with their owners,
and can suffer from separation anxiety
if not trained to spend time alone

Pomeranians are alert and aware of changes
 in their environment and barking at new stimuli 
 can develop into a habit of barking excessively in any situation.

They are somewhat defensive of their territor
and will thus bark when they encounter any outside noises

Pomeranians are intelligent dogs
respond well to and can be very successful
in getting what they want from their owners



he does not like being caged therefore
he bark alots if you does that

 he bark when owner come home
or when he see stranger to quiet him down
just carry him up and embrace him

as he not paper trained , he pee places
he like, just close all your room door
to prevent him going in
put chair away from dining table
if there's food on it as he'll jump up 
to eat , you wont want that to happen

 bring him for walk once a day 
or at least once every 2 days
if you are busy
 have patience towards him
do not abuse him !


PS: he is not a ball he has feeling too! 

please don't waste time to contact me if you are not able 
to handle a Depression / Anxiety dog who need alot of patience
 & love to cheer him up  putting effort to let him know
 he will be loved by new family

New Update