Monday, March 19, 2012

Random - Viva La Vida - Westlife

i was so attracted to the song that playing
in my eldest brother's room when i was 11, 

i went online to find the band's profiles
bought their CD and played it every single day
on my disc-man.  ya disc-man .. 
so old school i know haha :P 

 repeating the video again and again 
 i'm like forcing my grandma to watch with me :)

that's when they became my super no.1 idol
when i was 12, they came Singapore - Zouk
  for music showcase i was so excited

i called my cousin Johnson who was 1 year
younger to accompany me , we knew we can't 
get into the showcase but we still find our way there

it's was fun even though we waited outside but
they came out to wave and played awhile
with those fans that unable to get in 

i only went to their concert twice 
once was with Johnson - 27 May 2001
another with Stella on 8 Sep 2006

i missed their 2011 concert 
  didn't know it will be their final concert :(
here a music video that i liked
hope you guys enjoys ^.^ 

( please stop the music video on the right 
before you click the video here, thanks )