Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Essential CC Oil & Night Care Milk

i have naturally curly hair and due to that
i rebond my hair every year since i was 14
 i had my hair colored , bleached many times over the 
last few years , if you still remember my ash color hair :D


i have this 5 evil hair stress brothers following me
the only way to get rid of the damage they caused
were something i hate , and is to cut them away

i just had my hair cut short again
and this time i decided to take good care of it
 since i really wants to have a healthy long hair back

you might wonder what is the
 5 Evil Hair Stress Brother

scroll down for the information

so next step that i need to do now .....
have a protection on my hair before i blow dry my hair
there are 2 important product i going to introduce today

Essential CC Oil (60ml)  and Essential Night Care Milk (100ml)

what is CC Oil?  

The ‘CC’ in the new Essential CC Oil stands for Cuticle Care
 same ‘multi-functional’ concept of BB or CC Cream in skincare
Concept of BB/CC Cream = 1 cream with x number of effect
eg. Moisturize, cover blemishes, brighten skin, etc. 

Concept of Essential CC Oil  =1 oil
 protects your hair from 5 hair stresses
CC Oil forms a protective coat around each hair strand 
and protects your hair from the 5 hair stresses, 
leaving you with more beautiful, less tangles
 and manageable hair

 Essential CC Oil

 Non-greasy and invisibly light, the Essential CC Oil
 coats each strand of hair with a cuticle coat protection
 to fight the 5 most common forms of hair stresses.

 the cuticle coat protection leaves hair smooth & tangle free all day 
as it contains hair supplement oil, similar to hair's natural oil.

 i use it after shower in the morning , towel -dried my hair
 apply to my hair evenly on mid - length to the tip of the hair 
and blowdry my hair . this product does not need to rinse off 
bonus : its have a very sweet floral smell 


As we are asleep, tossing and turning causes hair to rub against the pillow, 
creating friction and this causes the hair cuticles to open up unevenly, 
causing hair to be rough, frizzy or prone to tangles. 

As a result of pillow damage, misaligned cuticles creates
 frizz - resulting in the fabulous lion's mane the next morning.

not sure if you ever heard of this before? 1 of the cure
 is to use silk or satin pillow case for such case too  
however other than that now we have this

Essential Night Care Milk (100ml) 

The Essential Night Care Milk protects the hair from “Pillow Friction”,
intensively repairs and moisturises the hair in the wee hours of the night.
Coupled with cuticle coat protection ingredients, its rich yet non- greasy milk
formula weightlessly leaves hair smooth and manageable the next morning!

 It protects our hair from pillow friction by leaving a protective coat 
around each hair strand and prevent misaligned cuticles when hair
 rubs against the pillowcase, leaving hair more manageable the next morning! 

i use this product at night after shower 
make sure your hair is dry when you go to bed !

before and after

over all , my now has lesser frizzy & dry hair 
after using this 2 product during day and night
this time i should able to maintain healthy hair !!

Play Essential’s Mane Hero Facebook game
just combat the 5 evil Hair Stress Brothers and
 Pesky Pillow King to win attractive weekly prizes

you can play the game here

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Kotex LUXE Ultrathin Overnight Sanitary Pads

Sanitary Pads play a big part in every female's life
finding a comfortable pad is not that hard now 

introducing to every ladies out there
 KOTEX LUXE® Ultrathin pads

i have tried many brand before like every ladies out there
but my personal choice will always be Kotex :D

Left - 32cm Night Use / Right - 24cm Day Use 
S$5.95 per pack

Kotex LUXE is known for its black classy laces packaging. 
 It also has drawstrings at the side in order to close up the seal 
after taking a pad out which i like alot

Kotex LUXE 32cm Ultrathin Overnight Sanitary Pads

i am quite surprise to see such colorful packaging inside
many other series are all boring white color packaging 

so nice , and i wonder which should i pick to use :D

2nd surprise when i pulled 1 one out to check and realized it has 2 tone
i decided to pull 4 different color pads out and wow ! how cool is that :P