Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Piercing ~~

27th may monday, was preparing to go 
back home as bf working and i wanna 
bring pet treat home for my lovely dog

while i still doing my hair bf called
it's not his working day  -.- "
so i went to look for him instead

we wanted to have ear piercing 
so we went Bukit Panjang Plaza
to try our luck to see if there 77th street
but no the shop is very limited there

we walked back to Junction 10
( formerly known as Ten Mile Junction )

the shop there are limited too
as it was already near 4pm i decided to
check their website for shop location
we took bus to causeway point after that 

bf had 4 new piercing on his ear 
while i had one new on both ear
$6 for each piercing not very expensive

 Left Ear

Right Ear

always wanted to get it 
but never go for it 
finally this time :D

i was kinda surprised to see
The Bluez and Xcraft still there
always visit this 2 shop when i was
still a secondary school girl :X

reminds me of those crazy days
with my good friends back then

after that we went for pepper lunch
i bought Dora Yaki & Durian cupcake

was kinda disappointed 
i thought it will be nice 
somehow the dora yaki from four leaves
is better than the one i got from here

the durian cupcake more worse
i rather buy four seasons durian pancake

by the way they only accept cash
luckily i have enough cash with me !

anyway today i ate something horrible too
i went snackz it / hi tea at work basement 
for cheese fries , look nice but tastes bad

in the end i threw it away 
after eating about 1/5 of it 
went to get pepper lunch during
break time and the uncle super nice

i only request to add cheese 
but i got super lots of cheese 
and more beef than usual instead 

anyway this will be the last time
i had too much pepper lunch this month
and i need to start my fruits diet again
not forgetting workout too !! oh my ...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Random + Music Matters - Jrock

22nd may went to TTSH to meet my dad
as my mum have cataract surgery that morning
i was late but he waited for me to have breakfast together 

after that i brought him to Fortune Centre
to buy Sandal wood powder so next time
he can show mum the way to get there

the hospital staff called while we were in train
she informed that mum is ready to be discharge
it was around 1pm and we went to fetch mum

i went back to bf home at night but before that

love the cheese omg ~~

okay so yesterday 23rd may
bf and me slacked whole day
 was feeling so lazy to go out
but we wanna see SID

so we went out like near 8pm 
reached there about 8.35pm
Burger King at The Central really CMI

it's super dirty !!
 tray all around the table and chair
yet no staff clear away all those rubbish

in the end we just went to basement
ate bali fried chicken from Nojito

 sorry no picture of food as it was near 9pm
we're kinda in hurry to catch SID

no comments too as it was quite normal 
abit expensive for the food you get too
i rather use that money to eat Ayam Penyet
so much delicious and cheaper haha :x

after dinner we quickly went over to the stage
was standing near the stage side although it's not
 very good view but it was really close to stage 

Flumpoo was performing at that time
well we've never heard of this band
but bf said they were quite good  

waited for another 20mins at least before SID turn
as my view not that good i only record some part
after uploading to youtube it's not that nice 
but i will just share 1 part of it here 

please stop the video at the right first

!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!


went straight back to bf home after that

didn't go to the beer market where they have secret gigs
as SID time was 1am and it's first come first serve base
don't think we can get in and i'm working the next day :X


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Birthday To Myself

Yesterday went home to cut dad's & bro's hair
not forgetting to celebrate my birthday in advance 

mum cooked sesame oil chicken
one of my favorite dishes and borsch soup

birthday cake that i bought for myself
from Crystal Jade - My Bread Bishan Outlet
luckily everyone is at home to finish the cake

today is my actual birthday date
thank you everyone for wishing me at
facebook , twitter and wadsapp :D

had Domino Pizza for brunch with bf
ordered at 12pm and reached before 12.25pm
that was fast but i was wishing them to be late :X

My Hawaiian Pizza ~

actually i prefer Pizza Hut's Hawaiian Pizza
but too expensive so we get domino instead :D

anyway stayed at bf's home whole day
watched scary movie 4 and tidy his room alittle
the rest of the time i was just rolling on his bed
slacking while he playing his keyboard :)

 as my age get older
 i getting more insecure
i can be kinda paranoid sometimes
i have ocd too .. kinda troublesome

i know i am like more and more irritating 
thats quite bad huh.. just hope things get better

shall just end my post here 
once again thank you everyone :D


Friday, May 17, 2013

F.R.I.E.N.D.S ?

when i was younger i was so much outgoing
but everything changed ever since a incident
 from that day on i don't really trust anyone anymore
i discard those " friends " out of my life 

for 3 whole years from sunshine girl to anti social 
i only went out with yvonne, stella and yvette
this 3 lady are the only one i willing to meet 
ever since no one really have been listed as " friend "

as in those that go out often to have meal etc

i don't really like to make friend with girls
especially those who goes clubbing every other day 
those group have more backstabbing , bitchy type
we don't have the same topic to talk about
i don't play with make up and dressing up
or want to know which handsome cute guy

i am a gamer which i have more topic
with the guys as we can click well more
 but now i don't make friend with other guys
as i have boyfriend , i only make friend with his friends


among all his friends there are actually 3 group
i listed it as game group , band group and others

" game group " are friends we play game with
" band group " are friends related to his bandmate
" others " are those we rarely meet

i like his friends from the first 2 group
they are all nice and fun people
i find it easier to get along with 
no matter they are female or male
 i always keep a safe distance with his group of friends though
since i don't really know how to social much with them
maybe everyone thinks that i'm not easy to get along with
it's like there always a gap as i am label as " xxxx's girlfriend "

while on the " others " group
there are some really ill manner people
which i dislike them super much
good thing is we don't get to meet them often

 overall i observe alot before opening my door 
to new friend because i want to keep real friend only 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

this year was the first time we didn't
 celebrate mother's day together

first year without grandma 
dad and brother both working

normally on this special day 
my family will go for dim sum happily 
or dinner at some seafood restaurant
was abit down everything changed

i love you grandma 

had breakfast at bf home
went to help him collect his stuffs
after that i went ion to buy a cake for mum

i bought whole cake size 6'  at $28.20
 with happy mother's day wording 

too bad i did not take the picture
my mum cut the cake and start eating 
without telling me  -.-" 

i ate the cake , carrot cake and mango
went back my room to play candy crush
while mum took a nap before heading out
for simple dinner .. just the 2 of us
after dinner i go back to bf's home
 yesterday went to market with bf
to drop in his cheque and buy brunch 
tidy his room alittle , took shower 
and start watching hannibal tv series  
slacked around and we went fairprice
to get milk and stuffs to cook our dinner
 didn't do much thing i just play sleeping dog
using laptop while bf busy with his own stuff

by the way my legs are so itchy now
 mosquito loves me too much :(

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Movie Review - Marvels Iron Man 3

monday supposed to go home
help my bro cut hair but cancelled
as it was raining whole day . super lazy to go out

around 7pm bf wanted to watch iron man 3
so i online checked and book for 9.35pm slot
as we are watching 3D version so i wore
contact lens out that day since my eye recovered

luckily for me, nothing happen to my eye
 after movie no redness or uncomfortable

so i thought its alright to wear contact lens 
back to work yesterday but i was wrong
so wrong that both my eye infected :X

i didn't bring my spectacle out to work
 so even my eyes were very red i had no choice
but to bear until off work when i reached
 bf home , i threw that contact lens away ..  

guess i won't be wearing contact lens that soon
shall let my eyes rest for another 3 weeks - 4 weeks

back to review of iron man 3

the movie is great 
have read some review before
actually i don't think it is that bad
at least it's not some boring movie 
 that can make me sleep or feel like going off 

the only bad point was 3D version 
was not that fantastic maybe just me
its so much darker and i don't like it 

again not going to post much details 
about the movie as i not going to be a spoiler  

anyway i like how bf want last min 
late movie session so sudden and happening
 but seriously made me think we can be kinda cool 
just saying only haha :X