Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Birthday To Myself

Yesterday went home to cut dad's & bro's hair
not forgetting to celebrate my birthday in advance 

mum cooked sesame oil chicken
one of my favorite dishes and borsch soup

birthday cake that i bought for myself
from Crystal Jade - My Bread Bishan Outlet
luckily everyone is at home to finish the cake

today is my actual birthday date
thank you everyone for wishing me at
facebook , twitter and wadsapp :D

had Domino Pizza for brunch with bf
ordered at 12pm and reached before 12.25pm
that was fast but i was wishing them to be late :X

My Hawaiian Pizza ~

actually i prefer Pizza Hut's Hawaiian Pizza
but too expensive so we get domino instead :D

anyway stayed at bf's home whole day
watched scary movie 4 and tidy his room alittle
the rest of the time i was just rolling on his bed
slacking while he playing his keyboard :)

 as my age get older
 i getting more insecure
i can be kinda paranoid sometimes
i have ocd too .. kinda troublesome

i know i am like more and more irritating 
thats quite bad huh.. just hope things get better

shall just end my post here 
once again thank you everyone :D