Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

this year was the first time we didn't
 celebrate mother's day together

first year without grandma 
dad and brother both working

normally on this special day 
my family will go for dim sum happily 
or dinner at some seafood restaurant
was abit down everything changed

i love you grandma 

had breakfast at bf home
went to help him collect his stuffs
after that i went ion to buy a cake for mum

i bought whole cake size 6'  at $28.20
 with happy mother's day wording 

too bad i did not take the picture
my mum cut the cake and start eating 
without telling me  -.-" 

i ate the cake , carrot cake and mango
went back my room to play candy crush
while mum took a nap before heading out
for simple dinner .. just the 2 of us
after dinner i go back to bf's home
 yesterday went to market with bf
to drop in his cheque and buy brunch 
tidy his room alittle , took shower 
and start watching hannibal tv series  
slacked around and we went fairprice
to get milk and stuffs to cook our dinner
 didn't do much thing i just play sleeping dog
using laptop while bf busy with his own stuff

by the way my legs are so itchy now
 mosquito loves me too much :(