Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Movie Review - Marvels Iron Man 3

monday supposed to go home
help my bro cut hair but cancelled
as it was raining whole day . super lazy to go out

around 7pm bf wanted to watch iron man 3
so i online checked and book for 9.35pm slot
as we are watching 3D version so i wore
contact lens out that day since my eye recovered

luckily for me, nothing happen to my eye
 after movie no redness or uncomfortable

so i thought its alright to wear contact lens 
back to work yesterday but i was wrong
so wrong that both my eye infected :X

i didn't bring my spectacle out to work
 so even my eyes were very red i had no choice
but to bear until off work when i reached
 bf home , i threw that contact lens away ..  

guess i won't be wearing contact lens that soon
shall let my eyes rest for another 3 weeks - 4 weeks

back to review of iron man 3

the movie is great 
have read some review before
actually i don't think it is that bad
at least it's not some boring movie 
 that can make me sleep or feel like going off 

the only bad point was 3D version 
was not that fantastic maybe just me
its so much darker and i don't like it 

again not going to post much details 
about the movie as i not going to be a spoiler  

anyway i like how bf want last min 
late movie session so sudden and happening
 but seriously made me think we can be kinda cool 
just saying only haha :X