Monday, January 25, 2016

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 

are you planning to wear red
again for house visiting  ???

well , you might want to consider floral design
although i am not really into floral design person
because i think i cannot pull it off but i found
some floral design which is really nice

so i thought i should just share with everyone !
if someone like me thinks its pretty and if you are
into floral design person i think you will like this post

so lets take a look what i have for you !

Let the spring breeze inspires your outfit through
a flowy piece.this short can match with the next top

i going to show below !

 This peplum top features a floral print covering
 all-over to bring out that seasonal mood
while keeping it chic and classy.

keeps your spirit high and excited for the season.
This romper is a one-piece wonder with an off-shoulder
sweetheart neckline to sparkle your ensemble and chic factor.

romper is good if you gonna sit on the floor for some card session

This floral sleeveless dress brings in a flirty character 
while the flared construction keeps you looking
 chic and elegant for all day. come in white and black

match it with this pimps. 

with a subtly textured shimmery finish,
 these gorgeous pumps are edgy, chic and sophisticated.
 They feature a classic pointed toe design with bold metallic silver heels.

Put on this streamlined shift dress that
features a dramatic floral print covering all-over
to bring out that seasonal mood ,  as for me...

i prefer white version, more refreshing feel!

keeps your spirit high and excited for the season.
This jumpsuit is a one-piece wonder with a sultry
open neckline to step up your chic factor. this is

suitable for lady who doesn't like dress or short
this jumpsuit is really cool !

Festivity calls for a bold celebration and
why not break away from your usual ensemble
with this sleeveless eye-popping dress features
a sexy V-back line and cheeky floral printed lining

color different from those i post on top :D

Piece together your spring inspiration !
Featuring classic jacquard pattern in florals
to showcase the arrival of the season, stay chic
with the flared skirt and high-neckline construction.

if you cannot accept too much floral ,
 maybe this will be good!

made of 100% Polyester  with a shimmery touch
This charming sheath dress features a lavish lace
embroidery cover with jewel neckline to delivery that

 high-fashion look just perfect for celebrations and gatherings in style.

you can match up with this high heel sandals

ankle cuffs with silver gold tone buckle accents
on the heel for that instant edgy vibes.
 keeps it refined and elegant.

this is best choice for lady who is shy to wear floral !
The sleeveless construction features a sexy V-back line
and cheeky floral printed lining at the inner of the dress
making it a unique piece of dress !

i wonder which caught your attention ? :D

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