Monday, December 22, 2014


all ladies look over here have you all get your dress?
right after Christmas , you will need to prepare 
for end of year to welcome 2015 countdown party
and soon after you will need it for Chinese new year 

don't have too much time to shop around 
now all you need is one stop online store


don't have to waste your time to queue for payement
just one click away and just relax for it to arrive

look at what you can find here 

personally i think this dress is quite unique 
contrasting bralet added point to this dress
 it's not boring dress anymore !


if you have a sexy back and go ahead to get this dress to show off
your beautiful skin , this unique design will surely catch everyone
attention , stand out in the crowd on this special day  !  

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Was up early on the 2nd day morning 
since it's a full day explore we started from
the top level of the hotel to see the view !

rooftop swimming pool

 if you actually go to the website and you able to see the night 
view here is really beautiful however we don't have the chance
to see that as normally we went out till very late but if you have 
the chance , you should check it out yourself ! 

it's very windy and relaxing up here 

Platinum Fashion Mall

we cabbed here and head straight to top level for food
walked one round and decided to go for KFC

Monday, December 8, 2014


finally have some time to upload my bangkok trip
first time going trip without family
first time going trip with bf & friend

was feeling very excited the day before 
early in the morning got up and get ready to airport
it was raining heavily that day both of us 
was caught in the rain even with umbrella 

the cab driver was nice , telling us to dry ourself before
boarding the plane as the aircon will be very cold and 
we won't want to get sick on the first day , it will ruin our trip

 on the way there
we went to pick up friend as they sending 
the other 4 of us off , it's couple trip ~~

upon arriving airport we 3 pair of couple went for lunch 

Gurney Drive,
 Terminal 3
Viewing Mall, Level 3
Opening Hours : 10.30am - 11.00pm

actually we ordered quite many food 
but didn't took picture of it as my hp
 was running out of battery 
 photo footer.png

have not been to other country for many years
 now they have this express lane for singaporean
passport holder to check in themself 
with own passport and thumb print scan 

at one point felt kinda silly that we went to join the queue
at other lane until one of the friend lead us to express lane :S

 when we touched down
 Don Muang Airport (DMK)