Sunday, December 14, 2014


Was up early on the 2nd day morning 
since it's a full day explore we started from
the top level of the hotel to see the view !

rooftop swimming pool

 if you actually go to the website and you able to see the night 
view here is really beautiful however we don't have the chance
to see that as normally we went out till very late but if you have 
the chance , you should check it out yourself ! 

it's very windy and relaxing up here 

Platinum Fashion Mall

we cabbed here and head straight to top level for food
walked one round and decided to go for KFC

as it was only the beginning of our trip
we don't really start our spree as we trying to compare
the price with Chatuchak which we will only be going on weekend
so we just walk around to see what we interested in

came across a shop and went in to see if able to get 
a pouch  for some coin however we end up getting some bag 
as we need to purchase more in order to get wholesale price 
those were our first loot of this awesome trip 

after walking the mall for awhile we headed to 

this mall is very old style compare to it's outlook 
many shop was not open during that time and
bf liked a army style backpack from a store
tried it but it's quite expensive so we left there 
and went to next mall


actually we did took quite many picture here however
the other couple camera's memory card troubleshooted and 
all picture from their camera was gone luckily for me i used hp camera

nothing much at this mall we started from top level which is cinema
and well it's really different from Singapore didn't managed to
take a good picture as many people walking around here

we headed down to a department store 
and they had this machine there so bf and friend
try their luck here since it's cheap and we need to
 kill some times before heading our to next location

 guess how many my bf caught?

this much !

brought them back to the hotel and had a quick shower
and bf had a short nap before we went out to 

this place was really far roughly an hour 
of travel time via cab and cost us 300 baht to there
the first thing we saw is this big nice decoration building

 we spend some times here taking picture before finding our way in 

it's really beautiful place you can take picture
at almost any angle with all those nice light around 

people having their meal there

it's empty inside


free seating venue for dinner

real living duck 

find a table and get ready for our dinner
everything delicious here although slightly 
more expensive but really worth it ! 

Lychee Jelly Drinks & Hoegaarden Rose


Fried Fish 

this fish is really fresh & sweet !

Chicken Drumlets

Sweet & little spicy i love this most !

Clam Chowder Soup

after dinner we continue to walk around
and before we go off took this last picture of inside chocolate ville 

 head back to the carpark and t's hard to get a cab there 
so the staff asked us to sit on the chair while he help us to get cab

while we sat on the chair there looking at this light house i asked
bf and friend to pose there while we take their picture :D
 2 shy guy :p

 thats the end of day 2 , 
had a quick shower and off to bed 

day 3 on next post , to new location ~~
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