Monday, December 8, 2014


finally have some time to upload my bangkok trip
first time going trip without family
first time going trip with bf & friend

was feeling very excited the day before 
early in the morning got up and get ready to airport
it was raining heavily that day both of us 
was caught in the rain even with umbrella 

the cab driver was nice , telling us to dry ourself before
boarding the plane as the aircon will be very cold and 
we won't want to get sick on the first day , it will ruin our trip

 on the way there
we went to pick up friend as they sending 
the other 4 of us off , it's couple trip ~~

upon arriving airport we 3 pair of couple went for lunch 

Gurney Drive,
 Terminal 3
Viewing Mall, Level 3
Opening Hours : 10.30am - 11.00pm

actually we ordered quite many food 
but didn't took picture of it as my hp
 was running out of battery 
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have not been to other country for many years
 now they have this express lane for singaporean
passport holder to check in themself 
with own passport and thumb print scan 

at one point felt kinda silly that we went to join the queue
at other lane until one of the friend lead us to express lane :S

 when we touched down
 Don Muang Airport (DMK)

 first thing i do is to find my way to ladies 
i was shocked to see how old and dirty it was
however we cannot expect too much so move on 

we went to get a 7 day unlimited free data card at 299baht
the sales person will helped to activate for you once done
my bf doesn't let me have it as he want me to enjoy
the trip without thinking of my work so nice of him

we went to join cab queue shortly after on our way 
to hotel we notice 2 booth with the price roughly 
50baht each i can't remember now however 

confirm lesser than 100baht 
plus the surcharge 50baht
 from airport to city maybe the most, 
supposed to be 280baht ~ 300baht only

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thing to take notes  

never never board the cab if they
not going to on the meter fare
they will ask for more than what it cost
saying things like will need to pass 2 booth 
and cost 100 baht each time 

our driver he claimed that it will be more expensive 
if he on the meter as he not sure how to get to our hotel  
for our case we nego to 500 baht however we only realized
 we paid too much upon arriving hotel 


 a reminder if your route includes any toll booths
you as the passenger are expected to pay the toll fare 
it's just like ERP in singapore but with a staff collecting the fare

 we have 4 person so it cost roughly SGD $4 each pax overall

still cheaper than what you gonna pay in Singapore 

PS: now Bangkok taxi fare increased so will cost slightly more 
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upon arriving our hotel at 10.30pm 
( bangkok time which is 11.30pm in singapore :x )

we were welcomed with friendly staff
the hotel might be small but they have excellent service 
we were given a glass of orange juice while waiting for check in


this studio room is big!
it come with a big bathroom
a small kitchen and a wardrobe room 

we were feeling very hungry and just throw our luggage
took a small break and went out quickly to meet up with the couple
 who stay next door beside our room 

the friendly staff helped us to get a cab 
all we need is to let them know where we going
and they will arrange for us 

to go places which is near to your hotel even if the driver
 don't on meter,  before you even get on the cab nego with them
 the most you should only agree to pay, not more than 100baht

we went chinatown (Yaowarat) 
that night walking down the street
there are 2 stall of seafood one in red uniform
another in green uniform and we decide to go for
 green uniform -  T&C seafood

 many were having meal on roadside without aircon 
while we went to the side door for aircon seat , 
the staff was also very friendly there 

  we were reminded by friend to have more coconut drinks
 to make sure we don't get sick during our holiday 
Fried Chicken & Vermicelli

this Vermicelli come with the crab 
it's really delicious and i kept thinking of it
missing that tastes even though i'm already back in singapore


 Fried Egg With Oyster

49-51 Soi Phadung Dao, Yaowarat Rd,

Hours: Sun - Sat 16:30 - 2:00 
  Neighbourhood: Sathorn 

we went across the street and bf bought 

a bowl of shark fin back to hotel not sure

if it real however it's nice and also to 7-11

and get our shampoo & snacks 

Nice Snacks 

 went back to the hotel after that and thats the end of day 1

 next post will be platinum mall & chocolate ville !

hope everyone will come back to check out next post :D

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