Tuesday, April 30, 2013

100th post ~

not sure why health having lots of problem
am happy that my ear is fully recovered 

having ulcer at lower lips for 2 weeks
just as it recovered another pop out
right beside of it ! not forgetting
my right eye is covered in red now
  broken blood vessel in the eye 

anyway bf dyed my hair for me 
low quality picture due to hp front cam


 before natural color

after color 

finally my hair look softer
before it look so dead 

if you need a nice haircut etc
can just pm me

by the way

apply to take leave for my birthday 
on 21st may and 22nd may as my mum
need to go hospital for cataract surgery
boss approved and i am lucky 

19th & 20th may my off day
so i will have 4 straight day off !

i wishes to have this for birthday

 saw it that day at takashimaya with family
 didn't buy any as we were quite full

hmm .. anyone wanna buy for me?? :D


Friday, April 26, 2013

Perforated Eardrum

 last friday night after i reached bf home
i felt sharp pain in my ear , it hurts alot that
i kept asking bf to becareful while he cutting my hair  

the pain is so unbearable
 that i can't sleep whole night
my tears just keep rolling out from my eyes 
i felt my ear swollen and burning feel inside

was thinking what to do next as i am supposed to
work at square 2 the next day and afraid boss
 couldn't find a replacement at such short time

finally i gave up , decided to text my boss about 
my current condition after i felt sudden hearing loss
 i know it's going to be a serious matter if i don't seek 
help from doctor the next morning 

forced myself to sleep 
forgot about the pain and i went dreamland
 next morning the moment i woke up
the pain came again and i panicked

hurry went to take a shower , off to clinic 
told doctor about my condition he use otoscope
examine my ear canal carefully as he afraid to hurt me
he said both my outer and inner ear swollen

there are pus inside and he pull lightly while
asking me to bear abit as he can't really see
but after that he say my eardum tear abit 

( perforated eardrum )

luckily for me it not very serious tear
and it will heal within 1 - 2 weeks
after eating this 2 tablet , my hearing
is back to normal and no more pus

but i do feel abit pain if someone scream
or people talking in super high pitch :S

i think it's important to seek help
asap if you have such problem 
even though this might be quite common case

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Food Review - Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant

didn't have the chance to update my post
here is the food review of dim sum i ate last friday

 Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant
Takashimaya Ngee Ann City Branch

look at our long order

BBQ Pork / Prawn Rice Roll

i ate the BBQ Pork Rice Roll
it's smooth not thick compared to other restaurant
very delicious and i like their sauce too yummy 
the only bad point was not warm / hot enough 

 Pan Fried Carrot Cake

not too bad just abit too soft
not crispy enough or it will be perfect

 BBQ Polo Bao
( Pineapple BBQ Pork Bun )

this is the fried version of steam bbq pork bun
which we didn't order as we would like to try this

seriously this is sweet and delicious
my new love of dim sum from now  

Glutinous Chicken Rice

the portion quite small but still alright for us 
as we have so many other dim sum to eat 
nothing really special about this 

Xiao Long Bao

i always felt xiao long bao
taste the same everywhere .. so it's average 

Egg Tart

very nice egg tart came out fresh from oven
not too sweet but soft and smooth , i like!

 Malay Cake

i love this malay cake!
texture is so spongy! <3


Steam Custard Bun

it always look so delicious to me
this is the first time we tried custard bun
my brother liked it but i don't know how to
appreciate it as it has too much milky smell 
i dislikes milk most -.-

below are some other dim sum we order
but i never eat as it's was my brother 
or dad's love dim sum not mine :)

deep fried salad prawn


Siew Mai


Dough Rice Roll

Deep Fried Bean Curd Skin


 Steam Pork Rib

 Steam Chicken Feet

BBQ Pork Pastry

choose the Pineapple BBQ Pork Bun
over this if you ever go to try the dim sum  

Pan Fried Pork Dumping

Deep Fried Cuttle Fish

Our total bill , not as expensive as i thought 
overall the food are all above average !

if you like dim sum , this is a place worth dining at
we went there before they open for business
so there wasn't much people at that time
 do go there early if you don't want to queue !

would love to go there again with family
but before that will try other restaurant first
shall wait for the next time when everyone
have the same off day again :)

once again thanks my boss approved my leave

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thank You ~

yesterday my boss texted me
my leave approved ! am so excited !
seriously my boss super nice ~~
thank you so much !

looking forward to friday 
going breakfast with family 
it been awhile since we last went for dim sum
going to take lots of picture on friday
 still not sure where we going but will 
remember to take more picture this time

by the way

my blog silent reader increased 
thank you for visiting my blog since
 i don't know what actually attracted you here  

 anyway thank you :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Food Review - Astons

Astons Review

well have not been eating at astons
for very long time as i don't really like their food

anyway monday we went astons amk branch
for dinner as mentioned at my previous post


Teriyaki Chicken With
Mac & Cheese and Potato Wedges

their Mac & Cheese not that awesome
although it was also cheese macaroni
if you have tried char grill bar's cheese pasta
you will know what is heaven, never enough for me

potato wedges nothing to complaint about since
every where tasted the same while for the chicken
i don't really like it and so .. astons is still not my choice

the waiting time was still acceptable
but it was abit busy for them that day
my mum said their pepper chicken tasted different
from the one that ate the other day so hmm ...
if you are astons fans just go ahead to astons

i don't think i ever want to eat at astons again

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random Post

Didn't sleep well for the last few days
went home on sunday had curry chicken
that mum cooked , ate watermelon after dinner
guess what happened  ... stomached : /

light off before 11pm as brother need to wake up
early for his work , couldn't sleep the whole night
 finally off to dreamland at 5am and mum came in
room to wake me up at 11 plus am for breakfast

 whole day stared at my computer 
and can't do much thing with it
as it's already old and not working well
even we using fiber but facebook is still lag
computer fault nothing to do with connection

so i decided to rebond my fringe abit
since it's so curly and i am so free to kill time
while waiting for dad & brother to
 come back from work for dinner

went for aston 
shall do a review soon
( missing char grill bar already )

after dinner , went out with parent again
to walk their fav. son haha our pet dog

anyway if nothing go wrong
i shall go get myself a new haircut
can't stand the length now it's out of shape
might be going kimage for that on sunday

not sure to keep side fringe or bang better

actually i like bang alot

 it's so much easier to maintain
but i have been keeping the same hairstyle 
for very long period maybe i shall just
 let my stylist decide for me this time

thats all tomorrow do review on aston 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Food Review - Boon Tong Kee

Had dinner with family yesterday at 
Boon Tong Kee Ang Mo Kio Branch 

seriously bad service overall
 i forgot to take picture of the food
as i was upset at that meal

firstly they placed a small plate of 
peanuts and bbq pork on our table

seriously ? peanuts is normal 
but bbq pork ? we know they will charged
to our bill so we asked the waitress to take it back
as we've ordered alot of meaty food 

i really disliked it
it's like forcing you to buy that bbq pork
luckily we didn't even eat it yet 

anyway was quite upset that their fried tofu
mayonnaise sauce changed to their so called 
" green tea mayonnaise " sauce and it don't taste good

wanted to have boiled chicken
but my mum ordered wrong because of 
the waitress giving wrong info and it 
turn out to be " imperial chicken "

seriously it doesn't taste nice
because it's really dried compared to
their boiled chicken dishes and the sauce sucks

i have to ask them give me light soya sauce instead

i don't think we will ever want to eat 
at boon tong kee anymore ...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Food Review - QQ Rice

This is what i am going to intro everyone

they promote on the health 
benefits of the rice such as

Red Rice
Purple Rice
Brown Rice
 Wheat Five Rice
 Mixed Grain Rice  
 Wheat Germ Brown Rice

 that can help boost the immune system
 They have all the info in the stall to help you
so remember to check it before you order 

another highlight of this stall is 

You can choose 5 fillings along 
with the type of rice you want under self customize

 but certain ingredient requires a top up fee of $0.30
they have vegetarian fillings too !


about the length of a hand palm  

my wheat five rice with 
Potato x 2 filling
Corn x 2 filling
Honey Goose 
( vegetarian ) 

they have so many filling 
but i'm afraid of being fat
it's really delicious and healthy 
( if you choose correct filling )

really good choice if you are on diet
they have healthy drinks too
do check them out :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

S.E.A Aquarium

Went S.E.A Aquarium with bf yesterday
before that we went Vivo City Subway for brunch 
 i love roasted chicken with egg mayo <3


this stingray kept showing off

i think this fish very unique 

kinda surprised some picture were clear
as i snap and go since it was crowded 

overall very disappointed 
because there are too many people
and it's like the old underwater world 
we can just finish walking within 40mins
or even faster if not that crowded 

i don't recommend to go 
kinda like a waste of money
i think river safari will be more fun 
although we haven't been there yet :P

tomorrow will intro some healthy food
do check back :D