Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random Post

Didn't sleep well for the last few days
went home on sunday had curry chicken
that mum cooked , ate watermelon after dinner
guess what happened  ... stomached : /

light off before 11pm as brother need to wake up
early for his work , couldn't sleep the whole night
 finally off to dreamland at 5am and mum came in
room to wake me up at 11 plus am for breakfast

 whole day stared at my computer 
and can't do much thing with it
as it's already old and not working well
even we using fiber but facebook is still lag
computer fault nothing to do with connection

so i decided to rebond my fringe abit
since it's so curly and i am so free to kill time
while waiting for dad & brother to
 come back from work for dinner

went for aston 
shall do a review soon
( missing char grill bar already )

after dinner , went out with parent again
to walk their fav. son haha our pet dog

anyway if nothing go wrong
i shall go get myself a new haircut
can't stand the length now it's out of shape
might be going kimage for that on sunday

not sure to keep side fringe or bang better

actually i like bang alot

 it's so much easier to maintain
but i have been keeping the same hairstyle 
for very long period maybe i shall just
 let my stylist decide for me this time

thats all tomorrow do review on aston