Friday, April 12, 2013

Food Review - Astons

Astons Review

well have not been eating at astons
for very long time as i don't really like their food

anyway monday we went astons amk branch
for dinner as mentioned at my previous post


Teriyaki Chicken With
Mac & Cheese and Potato Wedges

their Mac & Cheese not that awesome
although it was also cheese macaroni
if you have tried char grill bar's cheese pasta
you will know what is heaven, never enough for me

potato wedges nothing to complaint about since
every where tasted the same while for the chicken
i don't really like it and so .. astons is still not my choice

the waiting time was still acceptable
but it was abit busy for them that day
my mum said their pepper chicken tasted different
from the one that ate the other day so hmm ...
if you are astons fans just go ahead to astons

i don't think i ever want to eat at astons again