Tuesday, April 30, 2013

100th post ~

not sure why health having lots of problem
am happy that my ear is fully recovered 

having ulcer at lower lips for 2 weeks
just as it recovered another pop out
right beside of it ! not forgetting
my right eye is covered in red now
  broken blood vessel in the eye 

anyway bf dyed my hair for me 
low quality picture due to hp front cam


 before natural color

after color 

finally my hair look softer
before it look so dead 

if you need a nice haircut etc
can just pm me

by the way

apply to take leave for my birthday 
on 21st may and 22nd may as my mum
need to go hospital for cataract surgery
boss approved and i am lucky 

19th & 20th may my off day
so i will have 4 straight day off !

i wishes to have this for birthday

 saw it that day at takashimaya with family
 didn't buy any as we were quite full

hmm .. anyone wanna buy for me?? :D