Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Food Review - QQ Rice

This is what i am going to intro everyone

they promote on the health 
benefits of the rice such as

Red Rice
Purple Rice
Brown Rice
 Wheat Five Rice
 Mixed Grain Rice  
 Wheat Germ Brown Rice

 that can help boost the immune system
 They have all the info in the stall to help you
so remember to check it before you order 

another highlight of this stall is 

You can choose 5 fillings along 
with the type of rice you want under self customize

 but certain ingredient requires a top up fee of $0.30
they have vegetarian fillings too !


about the length of a hand palm  

my wheat five rice with 
Potato x 2 filling
Corn x 2 filling
Honey Goose 
( vegetarian ) 

they have so many filling 
but i'm afraid of being fat
it's really delicious and healthy 
( if you choose correct filling )

really good choice if you are on diet
they have healthy drinks too
do check them out :)