Friday, April 26, 2013

Perforated Eardrum

 last friday night after i reached bf home
i felt sharp pain in my ear , it hurts alot that
i kept asking bf to becareful while he cutting my hair  

the pain is so unbearable
 that i can't sleep whole night
my tears just keep rolling out from my eyes 
i felt my ear swollen and burning feel inside

was thinking what to do next as i am supposed to
work at square 2 the next day and afraid boss
 couldn't find a replacement at such short time

finally i gave up , decided to text my boss about 
my current condition after i felt sudden hearing loss
 i know it's going to be a serious matter if i don't seek 
help from doctor the next morning 

forced myself to sleep 
forgot about the pain and i went dreamland
 next morning the moment i woke up
the pain came again and i panicked

hurry went to take a shower , off to clinic 
told doctor about my condition he use otoscope
examine my ear canal carefully as he afraid to hurt me
he said both my outer and inner ear swollen

there are pus inside and he pull lightly while
asking me to bear abit as he can't really see
but after that he say my eardum tear abit 

( perforated eardrum )

luckily for me it not very serious tear
and it will heal within 1 - 2 weeks
after eating this 2 tablet , my hearing
is back to normal and no more pus

but i do feel abit pain if someone scream
or people talking in super high pitch :S

i think it's important to seek help
asap if you have such problem 
even though this might be quite common case