Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random Post

Yesterday morning went market with bf
wanted to have KFC breakfast too bad
that outlet does not have breakfast menu
so we went to eat roti prata instead 
bf wanted to buy almond milk
 i think only those big supermaket have it
anyway went home after that 
watched hk series drama all the way 
near 3 plus pm we went down to buy cup noodle
while waiting bf to cook his vegetarian lunchmeat 
 this little girl falling asleep on sofa

so cute but she woke up right after bf disturb her

anyway we went back to room and continue 
watching hk series drama and around 6pm
before bf went out for his work meeting
 he asked me to see this 

very nice , too bad when i take the picture
the sunshine is not so bright anymore
 after bf went out , this little girl came in
 at bf's bed , start yawning and stuff

this picture below i wearing new contact lens
too bad bf's contact lens got problem
he said 1 side of the lens is blur

he took it out and tried on another eye 
but the vision is still blur while 
the other side does not have this problem


 message the seller , actually i was kind of disappointed
because i bought many times from the seller 
this is the first time i got damaged lens

they replied they will send the new bottle on my next purchase
problem is i just bought 5 pair from them and why would 
i still order when i have so many unopened pair? 

although i wanted to buy 2 pair kirei grey 
but they don't have stock right now

so the only option i left is to ask them
 mail me 1 new bottle of contact lens 
which gonna cost me $6 for the postage  

by right they should mailed me 1 new bottle
and bear all the postage charge
 afterall it's a defective item
kind of unfair to buyer

whatever i asked bf to try the
another pair unopened lens first tonight

if got any problem again
at least can mailed it together to save trouble 

one last picture of my current hair
asked bf to trim for me on sunday

because my hair is too thick 
i can't cut the back for myself 
since i can't see it and finally
cut down the time for my hair to dry 


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Post

Last Friday 
during work break 
went to plaza singapura for pepper lunch 
with my cousin who also working at same building

just 1 shop away from my work place 

chatted abit here and there while walking back too
 Sunday went IMM
with bf & his mum, she treat us to
 hoshi japanese restaurant for dinner 
thanks her so much ~~

yesterday my family came down
to my work place during my break time
to pass me rebonding cream
we went for early dinner together at foodcourt
i went back to work while they went back home
at night before i off work, my mum wadsapp me
she text me some warm message ~

love her lots

 not forgetting my family too

nothing much happen lately
feb is around the corner too 
thats really fast 

going to Luna Sea concert with bf
and right after it's chinese new year
it's going to be a simple meal for my family

first year without grandma
it's gonna be quiet holidays 

 need to cut my fringe again
i hate it when it's long, not sure why
 but i always feel my head hurt
when my fringe is long .. weird -.-

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kind Old Lady

was sick, yesterday
went to see doctor at the clinic near bf home
after that i travel back to my own home as
i not sure if bf need to work or not

i was waiting to cross the traffic light 
a old lady with a full head of grey hair
Suddenly talked to me, she ask me why 
i stand under the hot sun without umbrella

 i told her i'm always in air-coned room
so i feel very comfortable under the sun 

suddenly she walk to me and 
shared her umbrella with me
 i'm very touched 

we crossed the road together
 i thanked her and ask her to take care

it's just a simple action
but it gave me warm feeling

when i reached home 
ate my medicine rested awhile
feeling much better and i went
chinatown with parent as mum 
wanted to buy some snacks

 i bought a new sandal shoe
as my old 1 broken the day before 
when i went down to buy cup noodle for dinner

they have 20% off for 2nd items
so i asked mum to choose for herself 
i will pay for it since her 1 seem like going spoil soon

she treat me glutinous chicken 

 yam paste dessert ( taro paste )

that's my lunch , walked to buy egg tart
for my brother and bf's family .

part with parent at mrt station as
we are going different direction

while in train bf's mum called 
they are going JP and so meet me there
for early dinner, while going back
bf's mum bought awfully chocolate cake
so much sweet food i ate yesterday 

sinful but i am happy ~

am working in a thick jacket now yet
i am still feeling cold somehow 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Special Moment

Met up with bf's mum at eunos mrt yesterday
went to bf's enlightenment course graduation 
didn't buy any hand bouquet for him as we felt
that is kinda a waste of money :X

rather spend that money treat him meal

 they make us Q outside 
went in the dark room as a line 

 bf and his course mate standing both side
of the room in a straight line with their eye shut
we spotted bf and walked up to him
stood infront of him quietly 

bf's mum refused to stand infront haha

when the light turn on
bf suddenly hug me and cry
 my mind was actually thinking 

" huh why so drama " 
cos he knew we coming for the graduation 

after that he turn to hug his mum
i feel like taking a picture of him while
he was hugging and crying at the same time
but i didn't because i got a feeling
 bf will delete that picture

haha shy boy

Anyway we had dinner at Vegan Burger 
home sweet home after that

it's good that bf went for this course
at least he is more comfortable
to express how much he loves his family

hope he always remember this important lesson
that the enlightenment course taught him

no matter what happens 
everything happen for a reason
and family is always the one there for you

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy 33rd Monthsary

The moment time tick to 12am
i left a wall post on bf's facebook 
went to sleep straight after because
i'm really feeling tired & sleepy

1.45am my phone vibrated 
normally bf will just liked the post 
but this time he returned a wall post
so i am quite surprised :D

other couples out there might be screaming
 over at each other when they quarrel
while we both just get into cold war

i am very grateful that 
bf always give in first 
he never fails to make me laugh
with all his silly stuffs 

i don't envy other girls
because i have a awesome bf

although sometimes he like to bully me :X


Happy 33rd Monthsary To Us <3


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Will You Do The Same?

Just now i went for break time 
there are few guys standing outside
between the 2 mall asking everyone
to buy the stuffs they holding while saying 
 " please give us 2nd chance " 

i looked at them and yup
tattoo all over their body part 
i didn't look at what they holding 
i just walked away without looking back

while i was walking pass the atm
i stopped and went to withdraw cash

i've changed my mind

i'm not sure what they selling
 probably some soft toy i thought
 not sure how much it cost too


i will buy 1 from them
if it's within my budget 

because i really feel bad 
try standing in their shoes 
they are also somebody important to their
 parents, wife, girlfriend, sibling, children
who doesn't make mistake? 
took wrong path before 
no matter how bad they used to be
at least they willing to change for better now

after i bought my fruits meal 
one of them approach me again
now i've clearer look on the items
it was actually keychain

bought 1 from him cost me $10 
maybe some will call me stupid
for buying from them but i felt that
my money is well spent :P

i do have cousins & uncle 
went wrong path before 
 they had their 2nd chance already 

 Remember Singapore does have this 
suddenly just felt like asking everyone
do give your support for them :)

PS: some just act to con your money
so to be careful as not all of them are real i guess

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review - Playboy VIP Body Mist

Playboy VIP  Body Mist
 Rose Champagne Raspberry & Cashmere Wood

I bought this for about 2 weeks already 
they have other different theme of fragrance 
this is body mist and vip version

they have limited edition version
smaller bottle and cute about $16.90?
you can find it at Watson if you are interested

i spray it on my jacket
it fade slowly but i can still smell it
just not as strong as when first applied

quite lasting , i hate oily smell
as astons is just nearby and i need this
to cover the smell , my saver ! 

it's really affordable 1 bottle can use for 
very long period just $9.90 and it's yours

they have play it rock / lovely / sexy / spicy
you shall try them out next time :D 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013 Everyone

It's 2013 !

happy new year to everyone

it's already 2nd day of the new year
everything is going fine for me
how about you?

here to update this picture 

accessory case i bought for bf 
so he can keep his cufflink and accessory 
now its still empty as i did not help him to put it in 
too busy gaming with him and tired after that :X

bought this from gmarket 
total cost me: $22.80 

order on 6 dec 2012 but only reach me 
at 18 dec 2012 but sadly no one at home so
arrange for next delivery at 26 dec 2012

the material not bad it's quite big too
 maybe tonight i shall help bf to put his stuff in

 another 3 month and 10 days 
it will be our 3rd year together
thats really fast , so many things changed

let's hope 2013 will be a better year !