Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kind Old Lady

was sick, yesterday
went to see doctor at the clinic near bf home
after that i travel back to my own home as
i not sure if bf need to work or not

i was waiting to cross the traffic light 
a old lady with a full head of grey hair
Suddenly talked to me, she ask me why 
i stand under the hot sun without umbrella

 i told her i'm always in air-coned room
so i feel very comfortable under the sun 

suddenly she walk to me and 
shared her umbrella with me
 i'm very touched 

we crossed the road together
 i thanked her and ask her to take care

it's just a simple action
but it gave me warm feeling

when i reached home 
ate my medicine rested awhile
feeling much better and i went
chinatown with parent as mum 
wanted to buy some snacks

 i bought a new sandal shoe
as my old 1 broken the day before 
when i went down to buy cup noodle for dinner

they have 20% off for 2nd items
so i asked mum to choose for herself 
i will pay for it since her 1 seem like going spoil soon

she treat me glutinous chicken 

 yam paste dessert ( taro paste )

that's my lunch , walked to buy egg tart
for my brother and bf's family .

part with parent at mrt station as
we are going different direction

while in train bf's mum called 
they are going JP and so meet me there
for early dinner, while going back
bf's mum bought awfully chocolate cake
so much sweet food i ate yesterday 

sinful but i am happy ~

am working in a thick jacket now yet
i am still feeling cold somehow